My artwork- a Lazarus Beetle…

I am not an artist. I do not have the ability to take up a brush, and paint a beautiful painting.  I do not have the ability to weave words into a beautiful poem.

But the past few months I tried to bring some beauty out of death… My old VW Beetle was dying a slow death- Rusting in Peace.  It did not move anymore.

This was it then:


Before we started to raise it from the dead…

2014-04-03 11.57.58

But my son’s 18th birthday was nearing, so we tried to bring it back to life…


And after a few weeks it is better. I know, not really art… but we used paint in the hope to make it better than it was…

2014-05-09 17.29.05


Yes, it is not art… yet… but it is slowly getting there- the 4th generation of our family behind this car’s steering wheel, that is art in my eyes!

2014-05-09 17.29.51


So maybe this could be art?


It is nearing the finish line, but it is not there yet- watch this space soon…



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