2015 Started with two BANGS…

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here this morning to tell tales of great sorrow…

This year did not start good…

On the 3rd of January my eldest son decided to do some agricultural work with my beloved Roadster.

And then, three days later, on the way back from the farm where he is working, the Beetle died. Yes, that Beetle that we spent so much time on restoring last year.

Such a small thing can have such huge consequences…

The tappet covers are kept tight by a cork gasket on each side. And one of the cork gaskets just collapsed due to old age. All the oil blew out there, and then some bearings in the engine started breaking. The engine has this huge knocking noise.

After all the things we have done to restore the Beetle, this was just one step too far… Now you can imagine Adele singing the theme song of Skyfall… “This is the end…”

I posted all my misery on facebook, and a friend in a neighbouring town made me an offer I can’t refuse…

So- the Beetle is being sold, as is…

In the next day or two it will be collected, and so a memory will be gone… I have known this car all my life, and owned it since I was 18. It is now 47 years old. But the new owner does have the skill to restore it properly, and bring it back to life. I don’t.

So- yes- two dreams have died this year- the one of me going on tour with my son on the bikes before he goes to the USA to work there for a year. And the dream of the Beetle doing a road trip into the sunset.

But there are some nice bike trips for me and my wife in planning at the moment- so keep on watching this space. BAd times usually don’t last forever…

But this is the end…

2015-01-16 10.20.40

2015-01-16 10.20.49

2015-01-16 10.20.55

2015-01-16 10.21.22

2015-01-16 10.21.32

9 thoughts on “2015 Started with two BANGS…

  1. Ja – miskien is dit maar die beste om vorentoe te beur, en nie by die negatiewe agter vas te hak. Jammer oor jou 2 losses.
    Maar klink of jou nuwe jaar nuwe uitdagings bevat. Sterkte.

  2. But she did drive again, after all your loving work, that’s what matters, and your sons face on his birthday. Good news is you may see here again, reborn to drive another 47 years!

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