The Red Bike outside Australian Masterchef Kitchen, Series 3

One of my biggest questions in life has finally been answered. But is a long story- I don’t like to keep things short…

My favourite television program is Australian Masterchef. I must say- this program has changed my perception of the Australian people a lot.  As a proud South African, we do not like the Aussies. They are just too good in cricket (sometimes… 🙂  ) and their rugby- the decent kind the rest  of the world can understand, not that Aussie rules funny stuff- is also sometimes ( 🙂 I know…) good.  We all know they come from hand-picked ancestors, Her Majesty’s best…  And there is the story of Breaker Morant– quite a bad bastard in our history…

Agggh mate, -get to the point, I hear the Aussies scream in their weak pale beers…

In any case- Masterchef Australia changed all that negative perceptions. Well, nearly all- do I really HAVE to like Shane Warne?

But the Aussies showed me they have a certain style of doing things, which I really like.  The American cooking competitions are so aggressive  and their judges really like to break the weakest link in the kitchen. And the Brits can be quite boring sometimes in the kitchen and bedroom.  Sorry Nigella. Sorry Gordon. Sorry Jamie…  maybe there are a few exceptions.

As I said in a droning voice already, the Aussies have a certain style of doing Masterchef. Their judges, Adam, George and Matt really love their food and their art of cooking. In the television series, I find that they are quite decent blokes, who do not go about negatively with the competitors. They challenge and inspire. They drive the competitors to give their best.  For the competitors it is a steep learning curve, it looks like one of the best experiences of their lives to participate. THe food they produce is spectacular, and I as viewer learn a lot as well. I did not know that they have such world class Michelin starred restaurants. The outdoor activities shows the viewer  a country of awesome beauty.  I am beginning to like Aussies… (except in that funny yellow Sporting gear…)  Maybe that is why half of my nation emigrated to Australia… 🙂

I know, I know, it is getting long and boring… but it IS workers day in South Africa, I couldn’t sleep anymore and am a little bored, so now I thought to bore you as well, maybe we can go back to sleep…

Anyway, somehow we always suck on the rear teat in SOuth Africa. We only now get to see Series 3, which was broadcasted in 2011 in Australia, and even in Ireland. I peaked on the internet yesterday and now know who won… we are in the final 8 of the series…

Let’s FINALLY get to the point. In Masterchef Australia, Series 3, there is a beautiful Red Motorbike standing just outside the door. One of life’s biggest questions in my mind was: Whose bike is it? And what is it?

So this morning, I decided to find out. (in a Jeremy Clarkson voice. Listen, BBC guys with the thick glasses and moustaches and checkbooks, if ever you plan a Top Gear for motorbikes, and need a fattish middle-age Stig for the job- call me…)

Whose bike is it? The television companies’ bike. Even the presenters are not allowed to ride it. Lawsuits etc- you never know when the handpicked ancestors’  genes kick in and it gets nicked…   Gary is the biker amongst the team, and owns his own Triumph. This is out of the mouth of Matt Preston himself.

The Bike? It is a Triumph Thruxton. I am a bad researcher, I can not find ONE photo of the real one standing outside the MCK on the Internet- can you help?

The Triumph Thruxton was named after a racing track of the 1960’s.

It is described by Triumph South Africa as:

Thruxton. The café racer. Reinvented.

Thruxton. Named after the race track where Triumph ruled the roost and inspired by the famous “Ton Up Boys” of the 60s. The Thruxton is Triumph’s sportiest classic, an authentic café racer delivering that unique Brit twin riding experience. Low rise bars, sporty riding position, aluminium-rimmed spoked wheels (18” front and 17” rear), megaphone style silencers and a modern 865cc parallel-twin engine. It stirs the heart for those around at the time and for those who seek the classic sporty retro cool….

Specifications for the Petrolheads: (2013 model)

Engine and Transmission
Type Air-cooled, DOHC, parallel-twin, 360º firing interval
Capacity 865cc
Bore/Stroke 90 x 68mm
Fuel System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection with SAI
Exhaust Stainless steel headers, twin chromed upswept silencers.
Final Drive X ring chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate
Gearbox 5-speed
Oil Capacity 4.5 litres (1.2 US gals)
Chassis, Running Gear and Displays
Frame Tubular steel cradle
Swingarm Twin-sided, tubular steel
Wheel Front 36-spoke 18 x 2.5in, aluminium rim
Rear 40-spoke 17 x 3.5in, aluminium rim
Tyre Front 100/90 18
Rear 130/80 R17
Suspension Front KYB 41mm forks with adjustable preload, 120mm travel
Rear KYB chromed spring twin shocks with adjustable preload, 106mm rear wheel travel
Brakes Front Single 320mm floating disc, Nissin 2-piston floating caliper
Rear Single 255mm disc, Nissin 2-piston floating caliper
Instrument Display/Functions Analogue speedometer and tachometer with odometer and trip information
Dimensions and Capacities
Length 2150mm (84.6in)
Width (handlebars) 830mm (32.7in)
Height without mirrors 1095mm (43.1in)
Seat Height 820mm (32.3in)
Wheelbase 1490mm (58.6in)
Rake/Trail 27º/97mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 16 litres (4.2 US gals)
Wet Weight (ready to ride) 230 kg (506 lbs)
Performance (measured at crankshaft to 95/1/EC)
Maximum Power 69PS / 68 bhp / 51 kW @ 7400rpm
Maximum Torque 69Nm / 51 ft.lbs @ 5800rpm
Fuel Efficiency
Recommended Retail Price R92 500

This means that this bike is almost the same specs as my BMW R 850 R, I don’t need to buy one.

But: It is a beautiful bike!  Now you know…


32 thoughts on “The Red Bike outside Australian Masterchef Kitchen, Series 3

  1. Certainly CURRENTLY we are! [grin] It’s just that for the last 2,000 years we’d turned into total wimps. You looking forward to the forthcoming clash, then? – we’re all a bit nervous in Oz. You know, can they keep it up? and all that. Your national team must be about as altered as ours is now; lots of your heroes have gone, too …

    • I can’t wait- will definitely try my best to be at the first test match in Pretoria for at least 1 day! Yes, Kallis is gone… but we still have AB de Villiers… 🙂 And watch out for our new kid- Quenton de Kock. I am looking forward to great cricket!

    • Thanks Devon Biker, and welcome here! We are now starting to see the 4th series, but it does not need a blog post to see it is now a red Vespa scooter outside the kitchen…
      Our biking season has just started again- and we have some 9 months of excellent riding weather ahead, (and another 2 1/2 of not too bad to ride…

      • Thanks mate. The way our weather has been lately, I’d be happy to settle for 9 weeks of excellent weather! Never mind, I get out whenever I can, and at least it’s not too hot with all that gear on lol

  2. Tons of South Africans here in Vero Beach! Seriously! Not sure how or why, but there is def a significant population! Everyone I know has either lived next door to, or dated, or spoken with a South African ex-pat while out and about!
    As an aside, most Americans haven’t a clue what cricket (or rugby) even look like, but i’d guess we all recognize beautiful red motorcycles when we see one…and you’ve shown us one of the greats!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      • See if you can get your hands a some Coopers Sparkling Ale. It’s the only real beer in Australia. Comes from a family owned brewery in South Australia. You might be able to find it in a larger liquor outlet. Goes well with biltong, or Buffalo/Camel jerky.

  3. Popped over to see a bit more of what you are about…. and yes this did get boring towards the middle!! Ha Ha! And I agree Aussie’s do think thay are sitting on top of the world- yes- downunder, maybe thay are, in that world!
    I lived with bikes and bikers between 1989 and 1999, in South Africa in the Natal South Coast area.

  4. I didn’t have an opinion about Aussies because I don’t know any, but now, since I’ve been watching Masterchef Australia, which is one of my favorite programs too, I completely agree with you. Now, comparing to the American cooking competitions as you say, I think Aussies are very positive people who concentrate in what they love to do, and even when they are competing they have an attitude of camaraderie with their fellow competitors, they bring out the best of others, and I really like that.

  5. Hiya,
    Thx for following my blog.
    I’m chuffed you solved the mystery about the bike. I lived in SA for 30 years and in Joberg I rode with the Hells Angels for a short while. Joe Perreria was a friend of mine. My claim to fame.

    My brother in law Mike Harrington is a very keen biker from Durban.
    I enjoyed your blog, Such a sense of humour.

  6. I’m an Aussie and I can’t stand Shane Warne (not even all that fond of cricket). I watch Masterchef sometimes. It’s interesting to read how it is perceived elsewhere in the world. Funny how different things stand out to different viewers. The bike out the front means nothing to me – it’s like wallpaper or window dressing. What makes me watch the show from time to time is the way the contestants carry on. All that crying! I sit watching muttering to the TV ‘It’sa cooking competition – get over yourself’.

  7. Pingback: Opposite day: Art that shocked the world’s critics… | The Rider

  8. You must check out broer… those people who wear the funny yellow clobber will klap you if they read your blog!! 😉
    Yep… the Queen handpicked them… priceless jewels, each and everyone of them… 😛

  9. Don’t sweat it, we can’t stand Shane Warne either 🙂 Really enjoyed reading and thanks for the info on the bike, I always wondered.

  10. I LOVE Masterchef, is there any one but the Australian one?! Love the way, even though they’re all competing, they help each other out. One episode (not sure which series) the young girl (oops forgot her name – she was 19 and always wore woolen hats) was going into an elimination. Two of the blokes stepped up and wanted to take her place. Wow. My kids love it so much, they Judge my food. I give them dinner, they have a little bite. Put down their (plastic) fork pensively, and give me their pronouncement. The little one usually just announces random amounts of money with a flourish! The latest series is Girls v Boys. Can’t wait to get back to Oz and watch it on catch up. and thanks for stopping by my newbie blog :))

  11. I once owned a Triumph, only it had twice as many wheels — 1971 TR6 Roadster. As for BMW, that’s my current make of roadster — a 2001 3.0 Liter Z3.

  12. Gary Mehigan owns a TRIUMPH? Now there’s a shocker! MCA is also my favourite show. I got suckered into it when we lived in the glorious down unda (BTW we knew heaps of South Africans). One thing I didn’t get suckered into was liking cricket (hehehehe) but I did enjoy rugby and Aussie rules.
    About the bike…we always wonder because through each series there’s been a different mode of transport. Didn’t they start out with a pedally bike? and there have also been a couple of scooters. They are just there for props? That’s too bad 😦

    • Hi Bernice, thanks for the visit! This was the bike of 2011, we did not see the rest here yet, only heard two weeks ago that Kate won… I dearly look forward to the next series…
      Sorry about the cricket not catching on!

  13. Now I do not know a thing about bikes, except they are noisy, their riders here ofen aren’t very nice people.One ‘d better steer clear of them. But I have friends in Australia and all of them are wonderful people, the kind that will stand with you in times of trouble.And there are many dedicated christians in Australia who are living their faith.

    • Most South African bikers I know are very nice people, with a sense of adventure. They help one another. Even the most rowdy bike rallies are peaceful, nobody is fighting…
      Motorbikes need to be noisy, otherwise motorists can’t hear us- a noisy motorcycle is actually safer!

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