The Bridges on the Camino de Santiago

Cee’s Which Way Challenge Week 7

“The idea behind this challenge is to show off the actual road, bridge, walkway, tracks, etc.  I don’t want to see main topic to be the people, cars, trains.  Searching for which ways I find it gives me a new way of looking at how we move around and what wonderful ways we have found ways to travel as well as beautify our world.”

One of Cee’s options:

  • Bridges (any view)


On The Way Challenge I just can’t seem to escape from the Camino de Santiago experience… So here is my entry for this week: just a few bridges on the Camino…


A road, a railway and a bridge on the Camino in one shot… and one single hiker way in front of me…


The famous bridge at Hospital de Orbigo, where knights jousted on this bridge…


Bridge into the beautiful town of Molinaseca


The bridge high above the ancient town of Ruitelan…


Small bridge just outside Ruitelan, at the beginning of the climb up O’ Cerbreiro


The two bridges into Portomarin…


And finally- the bridge into Melide…

8 thoughts on “The Bridges on the Camino de Santiago

  1. and may all the thief’s bridges burn! Lovely to walk to Santiago through your lens- though I plan to do so for real before I meet my maker

  2. These photos were all taken with my Canon Powershot D10. which was stolen last year. This camera did not always get good reviews, but I really loved it- waterproof till 10 meters, shock resistant, and I love it’s photos… may the thief ‘s scrotum start an eternal itch and his fingers turn into fish hooks…

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