Thanks to all my friends for 1014!

In a little over 2 hours time it is South Africa’s time, together with Jerusalem and Moscow, to go into the new year. Yes, I know, it is a man made time line, and it is just another rotation of the earth around it’s axle, and another rotation of the pale blue dot finished on it’s journey around Helios…

BUT… like the service intervals on a car, some measurement of the passage of time is still needed sometimes. We need to close one chapter of our lives, and move forward to a new chapter. I need new beginnings, new challenges, new opportunities… and maybe so do you…

In 45 minutes I have to go to our church to prepare the music and the lighting and sound for our midnight sermon. We start at 23:15 and end at 00h00. I am finishing a sermon series based on Psalm 23, which started the first weekend of December. Tonight I talk about the last verse- “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me…”

So, my dear friends- Christians or Muslims, atheists or Spaghetti Monster worshipers- thank you all for being a part of my journey in 2014! Thanks for all your visits, your comments and the good wishes and prayers when 2014 was sometimes a dark year…

So when the sun turns around it’s axle, and a new piece of time is delivered to live fully, my prayer for every one of you is that you may be blessed, be happy, and have peace, wherever you are! And whatever that may mean to you…

May the best times yet be in our future!



12 thoughts on “Thanks to all my friends for 1014!

  1. O, ek mis die middernagdienste! Hier hou ons sommer vroegaand al Oujaarsdiens. Ek mis ook jou Afrikaanse blog… Geniet die ruskansie. Mag 2015 vir jou en al jou mense ‘n goeie en geseende jaar wees.

  2. Happy New Year, fellow South African! It is always good to realise there are people who have the same timeline as me, even on your 2015 be a good one.

  3. Happy New Year, your blog has blessed me and ministered to me this year. I have also had some laughter as I watched you and your son refinish the old VW…. thank you for your words and may our Lord bless your words this evening. Psalm 23 is one the Lord has impressed upon me for the past few years. It is an awesome psalm. DAF

  4. Oh yes, and I will be silent a little bit longer… tomorrow morning I am hitching my caravan and taking it, and my wife to a nice, quiet remote dam, where there is hopefully no mobile phone signal and no contact with the civilized world… will be back around the 12th of January…

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