Day 8- Going to Swakopmund!

As I scroll through my blog this week, I come under the impression how much of this tour I have missed, being ill for 5 days. I have pictured sitting with my friends around the camp fire under the African winter skies. And I have missed it, being so weak and going to bed every night just after dinner…

Well, on this day finally the bad part ended. I felt good again! And we had a wonderful day on the bike ahead of us. On this day we experienced Namibia- from the grassy plains around Otjivarongo, to the Karoo style semi- desert, to the full desert of the Namib where you just see sand… and finally the Atlantic Ocean in all her splendor.

Otjiwarongo Swakop

It was so good waking up, and not having any hickups anymore! And to actually feel hungry again felt so good!

Our first stretch of the day was to Omaruru. And this is a town not to miss if you ever visit Namibia. It won awards as Town of the Year on our Southern Africa television networks.  We stopped at a delightful coffeeshop, that finally had world class food and service! (Or was it just me feeling so much better?)  I can’t remember the place’s name, if you recognize it please comment below!.

IMG_0030Their apple pie and coffee was heavenly! Afterwards we departed to some more excellent driving- and some spectacular landscapes, like near Karibib…


The land was getting harsher, dryer, hotter… Till we reached the proper Namib Desert… where we took time off to just pull over, and reflect, and BE…

IMG_0037 IMG_0039

It was really hot on this stretch of road. Then, about 20 km from the sea, the temperature started dropping to cool. We arrived at Swakopmund. After so long time sleeping in tents we opted for a bit more shelter. We went to the Swakopmund Municipal Resort, where we got a small chalet to share.

Photo:  Francois

Photo: Francois

Just Richard and Elaine, being more adventurous, opted to go camping at Mile 4 just south of Swakopmund, they pitched their tents on the beach.

After removing our luggage, we went to explore Swakopmund. I was here once before, and it was my wife’s first time. For me it is the most special place in Namibia. It is a beautiful town, influenced by the German architecture when it was still Germany’s only colony.  And it is at the Atlantic Coast. For me, living 800 km from the nearest beach, it is always special to see the sea…

It was also very, very cold in Swakopmund. Remember that this is our Southern Hemisphere winter holiday, and the Atlantic is also very, very cold around here, We had a freezing walk along the beach, and then found some hot chocolate at the museum when the sun started setting…

IMG_0043 IMG_0045 IMG_0048

When the sun has set, we went together for supper at the Tug restaurant. It was upmarket, pricey, but absolutely worth it! It is on the beach, it is beautiful, and the food was great. I had the beerbattered hake- and it was so good! (Maybe I just felt really, really better finally…)

Photo Andrea

Francois in front of the Tug Restaurant- Swakopmund.    Photo Andrea

But of the wonderful times in Swakopmund I will tell in the next post…

Days like these make travel all we expect it to be- new horizons, new landscapes, new experiences and absolute joy at being alive, healthy and blessed.

8 thoughts on “Day 8- Going to Swakopmund!

  1. Fabulous area! But the water is c-c-c-c-cold!
    Never forget to treat the bike with respect. A highly experienced friend of ours has just written his BM, and nearly himself, off in Mpumalanga. Just ‘lost the bike’ on a turn. Oil? Who knows.

  2. ‘n Stukkie van my hart het agtergebly in Swakopmund in November 2009. Daardie dorp klim in jou hart en groei daar soos mos. Ons het ook een nag in die munisipale huisies geslaap en toe vir ‘n week in Walvisbaai. Dis ‘n onvergeetlike land, Namibië. Dit moes wonderlik gewees het om so te toer!

    • Ek verstaan ook die diep liefde wat die inwoners vir die plek het. Ons het dit baie geniet! Veral Swakopmund, dit was die hoogtepunt vir my van die toer. Annelie s’n was een dag se koffie langs die pad op pad Gobabis toe…

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