Botswana trip- Up to the Chobe river at Kasane

It really is spectacular seeing the elephants in the wild north of Nata in Botswana. On our third day on the bikes we rode from Nata up to Kasane, on the Botswana side of the Chobe river. This is a very popular tourist destination for all kinds of adventure tourists- we bikers, those who like to do it in built-up SUV’s with rooftoptents and jerrycans on top. Also a lot of international tourists roam here with hired campervans.

We did not book our accommodation in advance, preferring to discover and explore as we went along. So we had a slight problem- all the camping sites were fully booked, At nearly sunset the good people at Thebe River Camp decided to help us, and gave us a remote corner of their resort to pitch our tents.

I picked up a stomach bug on this day, and were feeling bad for two days. At sunset, when our tents were pitched, I went to bed. We have payed for two days at Kasane, and also booked a Chobe River Sunset Cruise for the following afternoon. I first had to find a doctor to get some relief, and then we went on a three hour sunset cruise.

If this was not on your Bucket List, it should be! While feeling extremely miserable physically, it was still one of the greatest experiences of my life on that big pontoon on the Chobe river, I think I shall spread the photos of this three hours over a few posts… so here are some of them…

IMG_0045 IMG_0056 IMG_0078 IMG_0083 IMG_0092 IMG_0101 IMG_0108

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