Global Warming is real around my home town…

I see a lot of politicians around the world trying to deny the effect of Global Warming. Some call it just a myth. But each month sets new records as the warmest month in human history. And it is wreaking havoc around the globe. Some places get a lot more rain than usual.

But here in the Limpopo Province of South Africa nature forgot to send rain, this whole season long. The effect- it is the first time in my 22 years living in our town, that our town’s dam is drying up completely. This is our main water supply.


This is the last remaining water in our dam, with water levels now getting too low to pump any water out anymore.


This lonely rock would in a good year be more than 10 meters under water… 


Even my Pick-up (Bakkie!) is going boldly where it has never been before…. 

Fortunately our town has a new government after the last Local Government Elections. While the previous regime did nothing to ensure water supply, the new Municipality is keeping us up to date about the water supply, and have started to order the drilling of a few boreholes, something the previous mayor and friends failed to do in the past 6 dry months. We also get water pumped in from Pretoria, our capital. The previous town council became in arrears with their payment of water, so supply was severely limited.

Fact remains- it is very dry around here. We need rain very soon in this new spring season, as nature is having a very bad time, plants and animals dying from thirst..

I hope I can post a photo with an overflowing dam soon…

5 thoughts on “Global Warming is real around my home town…

  1. How awful. I hope there’s rain soon. We’ve been living in inland Australia for a few years during the drought. Apart from what it did to nature, not seeing a cloud for months and months really meddled with my brains. It is unfortunate that even scientists cannot get past their different opinions and just try to focus on possible solutions. Many areas around the world, and their people, are suffering greatly.

  2. The global warming debate is enough to boggle any brain. Esteemed scientists proving it is happening. Others proving it isn’t, and that the statistics seen have regularly recurred; Some proving conclusively that human action has caused/exacerbated it. Others proving equally conclusively that it has made no difference.
    Whatever the causes, the current drought in so many parts is a matter of utmost seriousness, and let’s hope that where action is now being taken it isn’t a case of ‘too little too late’.

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