Bucket List Item #38: Shark Cage Diving

This morning at 06h00 my daughter and I reported at the Blue Wilderness at Rocky Bay on the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast of South Africa.


I was in serious need of some adrenaline in my life. Time to do a Bucket List Item… number 38 was possible… And so we decided to go feed ourselves to the sharks.


Photos by Blue Wilderness

There was a cage available, but we decided to be brave and swim outside the cage…

2015-12-26 (34).png

I think the wetsuit makes me look fat.. 🙂


That hairy skinny legs outside the cage are mine..

And then the SHARKS started arriving…



Fortunately only Black tip Reef Sharks today…

2015-12-26 (6)_edited

But they are beautiful, and very curious about us hanging around in their world…


This was really an amazing morning in my life, spending some quality time with my daughter, and enjoying nature…

I felt sorry for a few of the sharks… the one still swims around with a very expensive Rapala lure dangling from her mouth.  Some of the other sharks has evidence of broken jaws, being caught and then the hooks got taken out very brutally.  The one positive- they were released after being caught.

I really enjoyed this experience, and now I would love to start saving for the next level- doing a scuba course…

4 thoughts on “Bucket List Item #38: Shark Cage Diving

  1. Shoe… ek het amper ‘n lelike dri letter woord gesê!!! Lekker duik… ek sal eerder ver weg bly van die water as daai klomp daar onder draai! Papbroek!! Dankie dat jy weer kom inloor het hier by my!! 😉

  2. What an adventure! You and your daughter are particularly brave to swim outside the cage, and I’m sure you are glad you did. I’m sorry to hear the sharks have lures stuck, and broken jaws, and hope they have found a reasonable way to eat through all that. They must have…since they’re alive. What are the little ones? They look like sharks as well.

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