The Longest Day…

While some of you have enjoyed the longest night in the history of Planet Earth yesterday, it was the longest day here in the Southern Hemisphere.

We are finally having a little bit of rain here in the Limpopo province of South Africa. It is also hot summer days- and when the sun shines, it is ideal riding time.

So, dear Biker for Live… (sic)

Yesterday I had a lot of fun. This old Biker took his daughter and a friend to visit another dear friends in the neighbouring town at sunset.


What a Ride it was! The clouds were building up over the northern horison, beautiful high cumulonimbus, promising another spectacular thunderstorm soon. The western horizon was clear of cloud, with the most beautiful golden shower of light. The wind was like Baby Bear likes it, not too hot, not too cold. Just right. And spending some quality riding time with friends and having good coffee with them- what could be more perfect on the Longest Day?

I had fun…

7 thoughts on “The Longest Day…

  1. Some days are now hitting 40 degrees Celcius around here. It helps my swimming a lot! This morning I had another record, the first time I swam 60 laps in the short pool (25 m) making it 1.5 km swam, nearly a mile, and the furthest I have ever swum…

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