What a Car! 1930’s Bentley



I am not that familiar with the classic cars. Readers may enlighten me as to the model of this beautiful 1930’s Bentley. But in my uninformed eyes this is one of the most spectacular front ends of any car, ever… what a beauty!

It is residing in the Franschhoek Motor Museum, South Africa


The Cord 810- Timeless Beauty!

One of South Africa’s best destinations for petrolheads is the Rupert family’s Motor Museum just outside the scenic town of Franschhoek. I had such a fun day with my eldest son, just enjoying the beautiful cars in this magnificent collection.


I would have loved to hear this car start up, and would be in heaven if I could drive it around the block! But seeing it in real life was already a huge thrill!

You can read all the technical data here at wikipedia. I will post one or two more in the coming days of this experience, maybe it will help clear my creative block.


Those Magnificent Flying Machines

Today was the annual Nylstroom Taildraggers Fly Inn, and I had just a short time available to visit. As always I felt a bit jealous, as it must be one of life’s greatest joys to be able to fly.

But I did have a few minutes to take a few photos. Here is some of this year’s happy moments…

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Adventure in the Water

I am packing for our next Motorbike trip, starting tomorrow morning. Will blog from my new Samsung Tab4 if I get the chance and some wifi…

Meanwhile, two weeks ago we saw some amazing fun in the sea just of Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa…


This is one of my favorite photos… I don’t know how to watermark yet….

Refraction- WPC


It was a happy day. We were on our way to Cape Town via my mother in law. As it is on the other side of the country, we departed real early that morning. And just outside the city of Welkom in the Free State, the sun rose. The lakes around Welkom are renowned for the multitude of pink flamingo’s, making it an awesome sight, and really beautiful if you can look past all the old gold mine dumps in this region. Nature sure is beautiful, but man can really mess it up!

IMG_0683 IMG_0686

As I sit here behind my desk on a Monday Morning, I really wish I was on my way to Cape Town again. Or any other place where there is a beautiful beach and mountains… My soul yearns for some salt water…

Coffee in Franschhoek, South Africa



Yes, it might be a bit touristy in Franschhoek. But there is a reason for that. Spectacular landscapes, in the heart of the South African winelands. Here you will also find some of our best restaurants in South Africa. Reuben Riffel is one of our South African Masterchef judges. His cuisine is excellent. But the coffee of Deluxe Coffeeworks… yes it is as advertised!



There was nothing more demonstrative of “Endurance” as the Rhino in the African Bush. Until the humans came along, and needing it’s horn because they don’t have one… this magnificent creature was also killed in our region…



Also enduring despite the riks of becoming soup, is the giant mountain turtles you see in the Karoo National Park outside Beaufort West, South Africa…

Gesinsvakansie 2006_001

Then of course- a 71 year old Harley still in working condition would also be worthy of this title…

2014-09-04 16.39.05


_MG_1290And an Antonov A1 old Biplane, still keeping on keeping on… 65 years later…


Adventure- WPC


My idea of Adventure involves getting on a motorbike, and going more than 1000 km from home…

This was taken on one of the passes near Swellendam, Cape Province, South Africa…  quite a few years ago.

Picture 104


On the same journey- maybe you will recognize this background…


Man, I miss the Aprilia Pegaso! What a trusty bike she was…

I also had some adventure about an hour ago. came off my GS on a sandy road… bike fine, my ego gone…