Still breathing… barely


Hi dear friends… So I have been quiet for a while… a few months to be precise…

I always wanted my blog to be a place with a positive vibe, good news and so. So I developed a huge writer’s block.

It was a hard year for me with my eldest son working in the USA. But he has safely returned last week. The US of A has been good to him, and he really enjoyed it a lot. He thinks the people of Gregory, South Dakota are some of the friendliest people around. He was based in Hendricks, Minnesota. The Combined Harvestingvteam travelled through to Texas, Colorado, Montana, both Dakotas and over to Saskatchwan in Canada. He has seen a lot that his father would also love to see one day.  He returned to South Africa, and promptly left for Mozambique again last Friday- week ago, with his girlfriend and her family. His sister also worked until now, and her firm closed for the Christmas holidays.

The rest of the family is at Scottburg just south of Durban. We are having a good time in the Indian Ocean, swimming and suntanning. I also am planning to make a bucket list item a reality, to go shark cage diving if weather permits on Saturday. My eldest 2 children will probably join us in 2 days’ time to celebrate Christmas together.

Why I was so silent on my blog: the situation in South Africa is really getting me down. We have a very expensive clown for a president, and he and his cronies are really ruining our beautiful country. Even the New York Times says so…

In South Africa, if you are white and think the ANC is ruining the country, you must be a racist and longing for the old apartheid days. And that is really getting me down. No, I do not long for old days of racial discrimination. But I am fed up with the corruption and the way our President treats the country as his personal piggy bank. I do not long back to good old days, I look forward to a day in the future where everybody will really be treated as equals, and that I will never have to fill my race in on a form again. South Africa is in real deep… trouble. And while I still have the freedom to say that, I will.

So we are going to enjoy this seaside holiday, I think 2016 is going to be a very difficult year in our country…  we need a good rest before the next struggle starts.

So for all readers who celebrate Christmas, may it be a good time of peace. And for all the rest, may you also experience peace in these troubled times!

17 thoughts on “Still breathing… barely

  1. I am so sorry to hear this painful ground report of how difficult life is in South Africa today. I hadn’t heard it quite like this in the news, and I appreciate the education. I, too, look forward to a future where I don’t have to place a checkmark to put myself into a gender or race box. Who cares? I am a person, and I care about the things you care about: safety, eliminating corruption, wanting to be proud of my country.

  2. Geseënde Kersfees vir jou en die vamilie. Mag de Here se seën en beskerming julle dra! Ek sê bly weg van die haaie… braai ereder ‘n bietjie shad! 😉 Lekker duik… ek hoop die haaie is Saterday menssku!! o_O

  3. Bly dat julle darem ‘n ruskansie kan vat! Die dinge hier in ons land is onrusbarend! Ek wens soms ek kan net my tassie pak en padgee!! Baie sterkte en ‘n Geseende Kersfees saam met jou familie!

  4. It sounds like you’re having a crisis yourself. I’m so sorry to hear that things are so bad for you. Even in the UK we’re constantly asked to fill out our racial background on forms and there is so much distrust of migrants. It’s led to a lot of hate crime and violence. You’re not alone! Also at least you made it through the first round of the rugby world cup 😉

  5. And Uncle Spike, thanks for caring, I really fell into a very deep depression these past few months. But better now, I am training again and really trying my best to find some good news to focus on.

  6. I so understand, but there is corruption everywhere in the world. It must be very difficult for you and your family. Probably why there are a lot of South Africans in New Zealand now. That race card has been played far too often…

    • The scale of corruption in South Africa is just so much worse these days than most other places.We are now the most corrupt country in Africa, even passing Nigeria in this regard. The racial debate in South Africa will also never, ever end. One of the worse examples of that- I live in a small, usually peaceful and quiet town. In the past month there has been 4 farm attacks around our town. In the last attack an elderly couple got murdered and burned inside their house. That is just around our little town in the last month… and our government says there is no problem with farm attacks. And that is why so many South Africans are emigrating to places where they will feel welcome again and where they feel they can contribute to building a stable society. I really wish I could go too… Sorry, this comment is a mouth full… it is just such upsetting times in SA these days… and then we finished 3rd in the Rugby World Cup as well… 🙂

  7. Mooi gesê Ds Donkie. Ek wens van harte dat die nuwe jaar antwoorde en oplossings sal bring.

    Baie geluk met jou kinders se prestasies. Dis so lekker om van jong mense se suksesse te hoor
    Hoop julle het lekker rustydjie

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