Pain and Joy…

The wise man once said that people might think you are a fool when you remain silent, their opinion is confirmed when you speak… So I have been silent for a few weeks.

I do not wish to talk about Jacob Zuma and the ANC anymore. I am just so tired of being blamed as a white person for all the wrongs in this country when our “leadership” has wasted such a lot of money on corruption, silly weapons deals, bribing Fifa for the 2010 world cup, Nkhandla… I have thought too much about all these things the last few months. It has really stolen my joy in life and made me negative. So I remained silent. And used the time to rethink my priorities. Or as our fearless leader so love to say: “Apply my mind to it…”

I have decided that it is not my job to expose all these negative things through facebook and twitter and other social media. It causes too much pain.

So I am rethinking and applying my mind to focus on the things that I do have control over, that give meaning to my life and bring back the joy. Things like family. And faith. And relationship. And motorbikes.

Family: My son is somewhere in Texas on a John Deere 670 Combined Harvester, been away from home since the 20th of April, I really miss him a lot. I really wish that I can also see some of the USA one day. My son really loves it!

Bernard in VSA

Faith: Like the rest of humankind I am also struggling to understand why there is so much pain in the world. I really believe that the church should be a channel of love and hope to this world. But I really am having a hard time to understand why 80% of church people also seem to don’t care to try and make a difference anymore… That is also why I am so quiet these days… I am really questioning myself if I  make a positive difference in our community…

Motorbikes: I had a wonderful motorbike trip in March with my wife and the SA Bible Society to Lesotho and the Eastern Free State and Cape.


April and May was hard work, and June will be as well till the 27th. Then…

Everything is coming together for a 5000 km Motorbike tour through Botswana and Namibia, with my wife and 3 other couples… BMW GS all the way…  There are still some hick-ups in getting my bike ready to take all the equipment needed, we are going wild- with tents and sleeping bags between the elephants and lions near Kasane in Botswana. (So sad about the American lady connected with Game of Thrones, being killed by a lion just outside Pretoria this week… People of the world, if you ever come to Africa on safari, don’t accept all lions are cuddly like Simba in Lion King. Nobody just walks with lions!  And please stay in your cars and close the windows when near a lion. Please! )

I still need to find the time to take my bike to Pretoria for a service and a new front tyre. But then all should be well. I still need to find a lion and elephant repellent spray… 🙂

In the meanwhile, to fund this next road trip, I had to sell my beloved BMW R850R…


I hope the new owner gets a lot of joy from this Mädchen, and takes good care of her…

So thanks, still alive and kicking! Thanks for all those who asked if we’re OK, I really appreciate it.

Thanks, and if you see my son doing his laundry in Abilene, Texas, give him a hug from his dad, and buy him a beer?

11 thoughts on “Pain and Joy…

  1. Negative news gets piped directly into our brains by the media and can be overwhelming. It is definitely worth tuning out the negative and concentrating on what we can do positively ourselves. Wonderful holiday for you to look forward to! My son is starting uni in September – I have mixed feelings, but I am so grateful that he has such an opportunity. I hope your son enjoys every minute!

  2. Ek kyk ook nooit na die nuus nie! Alles is so negatief hier in ons land! Al wat mens het is jou geloof! Ek verstaan hoe jy jou seun mis, myne is in New Zealand !! Hy en familie is nou al 8 jaar daar!!

  3. My wyse man keer my altyd om so weggevoer te raak met die negatiewe nuus in ons land. Hy vertel altyd die storie van Fiddler on the Roof. The men ask the rabbi: “Rabbi, is there a blessing for the Tsar?” The rabbi replied:”Yes, May God bless the Tsar….. and keep him far away from us!” 🙂

  4. Greed, corruption, and suppression are part of our human heritage. We can strive to be a good person and influence those within our reach because it makes our part of this world a better place. What we can’t do is fix all the wrongs that influence our world, our countries, and our neighbors. Give thanks you have the strength to realize
    every wrong is not your responsibility.

  5. I really liked this post, and I feel as though I can understand your need to stop talking about the news and focus on the things you have control over. Don’t lose faith in your calling or in yourself. I believe that if you can live your life well, that is going to make a difference in the world. Maybe you can’t see evidence of it, but it is happening.

    I live 1,000 miles from Texas, so there is no chance I’ll see your boy doing laundry, but I am glad to hear he is enjoying his adventure! In the future, if you ever come to the west coast of the US, my town of Portland, Oregon, or even Seattle (which is close), I would be happy to be a tour guide, and share my roof and food!

  6. Nice post. There are plenty of times here as well (USA) where we just need to avoid the media and concentrate on the good, sometimes simple things that incite simple pleasure. Driving my 46 year old MGB is one; simply re-painting the foyer and hall, another; and family. The media can often be disturbing – and as there is little we can do about most “Breaking News,” events, which almost always seem to be negative, it is better to lessen our exposure. I enjoy following you’re adventures, and… good wishes to your son over here in Texas, although the waether has been a little “rough” down there recently! M 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, we even disconnected our cable tv, to save money for our trip and to minimize that media impact. Now I have to get to stayng off because the naked hatred in the public comments are really disturbing!
      Regarding Texas, yes it does seem that everything is bigger in Texas. My son says it is the worst storms he has so far experienced in his life…

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