The joy of rain in the summer heat…

Some people live in places where it rain every day. They are so used to it, that the joy of rain might be lost…

On the other hand, we who live in dry places have the utmost experience of joy when the rain comes. Christmas Day was extremely hot and dry, and yesterday the rain came again.


So I grabbed my trusty old Canon Powershot SX 150 iS and went to play in the rain…

Rain to us is a symbol of new life. And my vegetable garden really enjoyed the cooling down…




Yes, I know, my tomatoes do not look like supermarket quality. But they are organically grown, with NO insecticides used at all… and they taste delicious!

4 thoughts on “The joy of rain in the summer heat…

  1. It looks like we are heading for another drought in some of the Australian states. Some areas have already declared drought. When we lived in NSW we had 7 years of drought. Moved to South Australia to get away from the dust.
    Even though water is not such an issue where we live now it is expensive but we do have a garden. Very rewarding having your own produce.

  2. Having twice lived in Seattle (the U.S. rain capital) and now the High Desert Southwest, I can comfortably say that I still (after 8+ years) do not miss the rain — even though the ground needs it here. πŸ™‚

  3. Nice looking crops… and the toms look great by the way! I know from years of experience how ‘perfect’ toms, like most fruit and veg, do NOT happen naturally; usually as you say they are treated over and over again with chemicals. Celebrating your rain too – know that feeling πŸ˜€

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