Wired for Sound…

This week is extremely busy and hectic. The financial guys in church decided we must raise more funds with another mini fete next Saturday. So I am back to being a butcher- we have 3 large Bovines and 8 Porkers to get from the hoof into consumable sellable portions.. And it is my responsibility to get it done with a team. We are 2/3 rds through’ but it is really hard work.

Meanwhile, back at the Parsonage my eldest son passed his Driving License Test with flying colours on Monday. But the Beetle is not ready yet! I am still waiting for the upholsterer to finish the inner door panels.

Last night I began with the most important part of the project. According to 18 year olds. I would have said the engine, mothers would have guessed the brakes. But of course teenagers would start at the Sound system!

Yesterday evening I jumped into the Beetle with an angle grinder and a file. The hole for the stereo is much too small for the modern players. So I enlarged it. And the Beetle experts guessed it right. Smack Bang into the wiper motor.

So now the stereo has to go into the glove box.
I am using my minimal handyman skills to build a bracket to keep it in place. Here is another few hours’ worth of sweat and tears and arc eyes and burn wounds…


Yes, the Sony does fit into my bracket…


Will everything fit into the Beetle? That is a good question! For another day… off to bed…

8 thoughts on “Wired for Sound…

  1. My first car was a refurbished 1972 VW Beetle and the first thing I bought with my very first pay cheque was a tape deck! The acoustics in the Beetle were awesome πŸ™‚

    • The bracket looks awful in the cubbyhole space, but the Sony stereo with 2 6 x 9 ” Alpine speakers sounds awesome inside! And that might be all that a teenage boy dreams about anyway… good sound in his car. (Yes I know, I know, they dream a lot of other things too… πŸ™‚ )

    • Hi Kiwi! Not needed because it never rains here… no they are fine, only saw the motor is in the way when I tried to insert the stereo through the hole. The next challenge will be to cover that hole!

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