If I could fly…

The word’s of Frank Duval’s song is keeping on repeating in my mind at the moment.


Today I have been back at home for a week since the operation. I have left the house only once- to go to my doctor to get the dressings changed.

And I am slowly going out of my mind. I love to be outdoors. I love to be on a Bike. Or to go to a coffee shop with friends.

Is is normal to feel depressed and trapped a week after an operation? Or is it just my personality shining through?

Anyway, I dont want to sound like my friend Ben from Bitter Blog

I am spending the quiet time reflecting, evaluating, planning…

I have read some amazing books. Somehow I really liked Isabel Allende’s Daughter of Fortune. Β I am also into my 3rd Odd Thomas book, by Dean Koonttz, although it is a genre I don’t normally read.

I listen to Bob Dylan on my hifi, and a lot of my other, what my kids would call Old Music, I must confess, sweet gospel music doesn’t do it for me at the moment, some good Classic Rock really helps a lot. All the music we were warned against as teenagers in the 80’s…

I have seen some good movies- like the new 300, and Transcendence, Β and the worst one ever- Hercules Reborn…

And now I still have to get all my financial things in order for the yearly tax return, looking forward to that like a colonoscopy….

So, while feeling trapped, today I wish I could just hop on an airplane and fly away…

I hope your day is much better. Biker friends, go for a Ride, life is just too short not to…


12 thoughts on “If I could fly…

  1. Oh cheer up, you miserable bastard ! [grin]
    (1) No more gut pain !!!
    (2) Just a few more days till your life will return to (almost) normal
    (3) Presumably a tax return, eventually ?
    Crikey, Vosper – your life is all sunshine and roses !!!! πŸ˜€

  2. making my way back from a recent back op and even longing to be able to do normal household chores! Wishing you patience on your road to recovery – I listened to a lot of talking books – travelled with Hemingway to Venice

  3. I know the feeling, I have been put off all exercise because of a torn muscle – a minor ailment, but its hard to sit around! hope you get the all clear soon, and are back to an active life, meanwhile, put on some Queen and blast it out!

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