Amazing wonders of Nature

Sometimes beauty arrives where you least expect it. I was amazed by the beauty of this Pincussion Protea, found next to the gravel road near Gourits River Mouth, South Africa last week…   Continue reading

That beautiful 1925 Type 23 Bugatti!

Yesterday I shared some iconic hood emblems of three classic cars. The Bugatti really stood out for me. I just love Bugatti!  This beauty can be seen at the Franschhoek Motor Museum in South Africa.

You remember this one:

But it would be so unfair not to show the rest of the car as well…


1925 Type 23 Bugatti

And a short history of this beauty in English and Afrikaans…


Now this is truly a thing of beauty in my eyes…



The Cord 810- Timeless Beauty!

One of South Africa’s best destinations for petrolheads is the Rupert family’s Motor Museum just outside the scenic town of Franschhoek. I had such a fun day with my eldest son, just enjoying the beautiful cars in this magnificent collection.


I would have loved to hear this car start up, and would be in heaven if I could drive it around the block! But seeing it in real life was already a huge thrill!

You can read all the technical data here at wikipedia. I will post one or two more in the coming days of this experience, maybe it will help clear my creative block.


Those Magnificent Flying Machines

Today was the annual Nylstroom Taildraggers Fly Inn, and I had just a short time available to visit. As always I felt a bit jealous, as it must be one of life’s greatest joys to be able to fly.

But I did have a few minutes to take a few photos. Here is some of this year’s happy moments…

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Adventure in the Water

I am packing for our next Motorbike trip, starting tomorrow morning. Will blog from my new Samsung Tab4 if I get the chance and some wifi…

Meanwhile, two weeks ago we saw some amazing fun in the sea just of Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa…


This is one of my favorite photos… I don’t know how to watermark yet….

Another Orange Ball dips behind the horizon over the Atlantic…

Yes- another take on last weeks’ Orange Photo Challenge!

The one thing orange I really love, is a good sunset. Here where I live in the South African Bushveld, north of Pretoria, we do have some magnificent sunsets! But we love to travel to see our world through different eyes. So- totally different from my normal world is a sunset over the ocean, only possible over the West Coast of our Country…

And here was last Tuesday’s sunset. I really, really enjoyed it a lot. I sat in awesome wonder at the beauty of something that happens every day…


The location is Tietiesbaai, near Paternoster, about 150 km north of Cape Town on the West Coast. Tietiesbaai would roughly translate as “Boobie Bay”- but it does not refer to beautiful female anatomy, it was named after a certain Mr Tieties. It is a lovely place to visit, in Cape Columbine Nature reserve, there is no electricity, also no cellphone reception. Just you and nature… like a good day of rest is supposed to be…

Tripadvisor Link:

Orange- The Southernmost flower in Africa- WPC

I know, I know! It is so last week’s Photo Challenge… but I was far away from civilization, ok?! Ok…

The theme last week was Orange… and I was standing in front of the Southernmost flower in the whole continent of Africa… at Cape Agulhas, South Africa. Where Ewan and Charlie ended their Long Way Down bike ride. Where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.

These flowers grow all over the place in that beautiful part of my country. And still I do not know what they are called. People like Seegogga and Toortsie living nearby might know…

But here goes my take on orange- the flowers and some lichens on the rocks…



The Wall at Williston Mall- Weekly Photo Challenge

Just a little background: Williston is a very small town in the Karoo region of South Africa. It is very dry around here, and towns are far apart. In this rustic little town of Williston there is a must-visit site. The Williston Mall…

On my road trip with my son the past two weeks we stopped there after a long day driving of nearly 1000 km. It was very hot. They promised the best milkshakes in the Northern Cape province. And it was!

The walls of this travellers delight kept me busy a while. My son remarked how a Discovery program like American Pickers would love all these old artifacts, craftfully adorning every bit of wall space…