What is going on with the world while I’m gone?

I am looking at the BBC’s web page this morning. I am taking a few weeks sick leave and what happens?

  •  Russia goes ahead and break a nuclear treaty, testing a nuclear missile! Cold War II on the horizon…
  •  Bear Grylls survives in the evening in motels… I am shocked!
  • Isaac And Ishmael are still at it… 4000 years later! That is now quite enough boys…  For brothers you sure hate each other way too much!
  •  A vet gets struck off the role for molesting his patients sexually- a VET!!! Bad news for the Horse & Hound Magazine’s front page…
  •  Airplanes gets shot down and missing all over the place… what happened to flying is safer than driving?

Now look here, people of planet Earth, I will be back in action in two 1/2 weeks, and then we will sort it all out. So please behave… Isaac and Ishmael, share the room and put away your toys. Vladimir, stop it immediately! And book a room for the Vet with a wide awake African Lioness…  Bear, Bear, Bear… I really thought SAS men were tougher than that….

Now all of you get in your lanes, and behave! I’ll be back…




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