When things come grindingly to a halt…

This morning, on my day off, I had to do the chores that is expected of an obedient South African husband…  It was time to take all the pruned branches that I can’t use as compost to our local landfill.  Now, with my eyes cast on photography, I thought I would take the small Powershot with for an opportunity that might present itself.

Maybe it has: An abandoned old bulldozer just caught my eye:


This thing must have cost the municipality a few million ZAR a few years back. And now… like the rest of municipal services in rural South Africa, it was just left to rot…


2 thoughts on “When things come grindingly to a halt…

  1. altyd slim om die kamera saam te dra. hier by ons le die takke oook die agterplaas vol. Met ‘n kranklike man en lui seuns (nee hulle is nie regtig lui nie, werk net hard) weet ek nog nie wat gaan daarvan word 😛

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