A Donkey died, a Horse is born…

I am back!  In fact, I have never left!

But I still have to break in this wild horse, to go on riding, writing about the things I love.

I also have to answer a few questions to myself. Do I write this blog in English, to reach a much wider audience? Or do I write it in my own native language, which would entail much less work for me- English is still quite a difficult second language to converse in…

I will give the link to this blog only to a few trusted friends. Everybody who arrives here will always be welcome. But if you do not agree with my point of view- that is always your right and privilege to disagree with me. But please, please- do not try to kill me like my previous experience in the blogging world.  If what I write upsets you, there are about 5 billion other blogs to read and enjoy- just move on?

I will always treat you with respect, until you prove otherwise…

Welcome, lets ride…

11 thoughts on “A Donkey died, a Horse is born…

  1. Ek ken net die strepiesperde op my plaas. Ek het ‘n Donkie geken, maar hy het die vlaktes ingehol. My eie woorde kom nie lekker uit in Ingels nie, maar ek self het ‘n ander blog in daai taal, want daai ene gaan oor dinge anders as die slak se dinge. Bly daar was ‘n metamorfose en nie ‘n begrafnis nie… 😉

  2. Pleased to meet you, Rider! Gidivet is one of my closest friends and recommended we ‘get together’. When you feel like skyping me, my address is andrewsercombe. Who knows, we may have more than Horizons Unlimited (I’m a presenter at the World Travellers Meeting in the UK!) and a faith in an amazing God. I was a pastor once!
    I’ll ride with you some of the journey. Google me or go to Powerchange.com. And hey, keep it to English or I’m dead.

  3. oh my hat – ek het nou amper die reendans gedoen ..!! ek dog toe wie is hierdie nuwe persoon wat comment op my blog … en toe ek die blog oopmaak, toe herken ek dadelik die pakkie suiker ..!!!!!!

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