Klein Kariba Flood- more photos

It is really heartbreaking to see the damage to one of my favorite camping places.   It seems that two elderly people who were just day visitors to the resort are still unaccounted for. But these photos are circulating on facebook in our community at the moment.

These two are from Marula Media, but

Maroela Media 2

The heated indoor swimming pool

Clara Ludwick

Just outside the indoor swimming pool- Photo by Clara Ludwick

Maroela Media

Photo: Marula Media

Glenn Pretorius 2

The Game Drive Lorry- Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius 3

Next to the indoor swimming pool- Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius 4

The bridge to the restaurant is gone! Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius 5

Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius 6

Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius

Photo Glenn Pretorius

As you can see, the damage to both the resort and the guests’ property must be immense!  This will take a long time to repair!

So I am thinking of all the personnel and guests of ATKV Klein Kariba. I am just so thankful that the loss of life was not greater . I really hope Klein Kariba will rise out of this again. This is the second such a flood in the 20 years I have lived here, and they also had the restaurant burning down a few years ago. But it will still be one of my favorite places when it rises again!


23 thoughts on “Klein Kariba Flood- more photos

  1. What a dramatic photo set. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. Makes one grateful for living i Europe and hopless at the same time for not being able to physically help those poor people affected by the disaster.

  2. Ag nee man ….ons vakansie oord dis hartseer maar met ons almal se gebede sal dit weer binne kort opstaan …voor ons nog ons oe uit vee ….Sterkte ons dink aan julle …..Galima en familie van Eldorado Park ….

    • Dankie! Ek hoop die personeel lees hier, ek bly mos maar in die buurdorp maar is baie lief vir die oord. Saam met julle ons goeie wense vir die mense van Klein Kariba, beide personeel en gaste wat so baie verloor het.

  3. We (Staff) spent a weekend there in November 2013 and it was absolutely wonderful, gorgeous. It breaks my heart to see the damage. Can anyone tell me if the tented houses are still standing? what about the animals?

    • Animals should be fine and I think the tented houses are up another little valley, the flood came down over the waterfall at the restaurant. As I see the photos, the damage would be at the flats and camping site downstream from the restaurant.

  4. Dit is ongelooflik en baie hartseer dit is ons spesiale en lieflike wegbreek vakansie oord ons bid vir al die personeel wat altyd so behulpsaam is en glo en vertrou Klein Kariba sal weer opstaan ons kan nie wag nie Ons gedagtes is met julle STERKTE. OOM PIETER EN TANNIE MADELEINE VAN KEMPTON PARK

  5. Mense ons voel di seer en skade saam met julle!Glo en vertrou dat Ons Vader jjul hierdeur sal dra en jul weer sal opstaan en loop!Baie sterkte!!!!Groete.Heleen

  6. hoe lyk die plek oorkant klein kariba is ook konferensie gronde en verblyfplek vir vakansie gangers. Ons Elim gemeentes het n konferensie daar Aprilmaand. Dankie Annamarie Breedt

    • By Emmarentia Geldenhuis kampterrein of Maroela Mountain Village? Albei is redelik hoog so hulle behoort nie skade te hê nie, die ramp is maar by Klein Kariba oor die damwal by Thaba Monate gebreek het en ‘n kitsvloed veroorsaak het in die vallei af.

      • Ons het die vloed met 5 ure gemis. was tuis in die houthuise. nr 10. kon sien hoe die dam voor ons se watervlak styg. dit net van die aanhoudende reen. sterke aan almal wat dit moes deurmaak. Jan en Liefie Strydom. Vereeniging.

  7. Wat \n tragiese gebeure .. het al wondelike vakansie daar gehad. Ons bid vir personeel en vir almal wat deur hierdie tragedie geraak word.

  8. Wow !! Such a shame 😥 I used to go there in the ’70’s when I was at Settlers , long before they had an indoor swimming pool and the rest but it was a fantastic place and I have fond memories of it. Feel so sorry for the staff, guests and especially the two elderly folk and their families ……

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  10. looks really bad – it scares us a bit with what is happening here with this prolonged drought. When the rain finally comes it is going to cause its own problems. Sad about that two elderly people…

  11. Felt guilty clicking ‘like’. What an awful mess, so devastating. We have a 20 metre wide storm channel near us to cope for the rains during our winter storms – but even that broke a few years back, and the ruination within literally a matter of minutes was astounding. Mother nature is a powerful adversary; just makes one think ‘we’ are not the ones in charge.

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