Another Dream Ride!


My oldest son is having hia matric farewell function (prom) tonight. More photos of him in his tux will probably pop up here soon.

But this is his Ride for tonight- a MGB… What a cool car!  Me and the youngest went for a quick spin just now…

WOW- I am in love…

3 thoughts on “Another Dream Ride!

  1. I jumped when I saw this image. It is the same car and likely color (BRITISH RACING GREEN) as I owned when driving cross country (USA) many years ago. Mine was a 1965, and featured in the multi-part series of posts I did about that trip last year. Here is a sample, including photographs, of course, and the other related posts can be found in it’s directory on the right side of the pages.
    I currently own a partially restored 1969 white MGB, and yes, they are really fun cars to drive. M ๐Ÿ™‚

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