Harley Endurance…


I am still way too young to even consider riding a Harley! But sometimes…

Yesterday was South Africa’s Heritage Day, a good public holiday to take to the road on a motorbike.

At one of the rural crossroads on the other side of the next town (Naboomspruit), I waited to meet a friend at the elephant…  (with my decent bike, not a Harley…)

2014-09-24 08.59.42

And then, at the crossroads, we saw an old biker, really an endurance example! With a bike suitable to claim the title with him- a 1942 Harley Davidson, war years bike complete with sidecar, and stock standard…

2014-09-24 09.05.10 2014-09-24 09.05.38 2014-09-24 09.06.00 2014-09-24 09.06.23 2014-09-24 09.06.36


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