Gallbladders and Apple Juice…

Margaret Rose and Seegogga will be on my case again…

About a month ago Seegogga gave me some advice for my recurring gallbladder attacks. And always, always there is just another reason why I could not start the program immediately. There is just never a week without some sort of party or feast.

On Tuesday it struck again. For the 7th time… I woke at half past midnight, with the searing pain I know so well these days. I was afraid of waking my wife, so I went to our television room to lay there and suffer on a spare mattress.  I just tried to tough it out, watching one silly program after another on BBC Entertainment. But the pain never left. And I never fell asleep again. So half past six I phoned my doctor, and he came and injected me with the usual cocktail of 3 syringes, including morphine and buscopan. I was booked off for the day, and slept on and off till half past one . The pain never really went away, so I saw my doctor again at half past 8 the evening for another round of morphine.  This time the pain went away.

So I started Seegogga’s program on Tuesday. It goes like this- 4 days of drinking only apple juice. This is day 3. I am extremely tired of apple juice!  I drink about 1.5 litres a day. And water. That is all…


I am tired, and grumpy, and apple juice looks like a urine monster…

I still have to go through with this till tomorrow night at bedtime, when I will have a drink of olive oil and lemon juice before bed.

The day afterwards it is soup made of carrots and celery,  and cabbage and parsley. I still need a recipe to make this edible, Seegogga… 

After that I may start eating again, on the 6th day steamed vegetables, and on the 7th day steamed fish with vegetables…

Why is this so bad? On Saturday I would have loved to attend a meeting of the Word Riders in Pietersburg, where there will be a huge barbeque (Braai!).  That is when I am supposed to drink only soup. And on Sunday they are going to church together, and then another barbeque… with me supposed to eat just steamed veggies…

I really want to see my friends again, but I will not be able to stand the lovely smell of barbeque and the temptation of a glass or two of red wine…

My doctor is busy  conferring with his learned friends, to maybe get me another go at a gastroscopy (camera down the throat.)

I am busy following Seegogga’s advice to the letter, but there is still this nagging doubt in my mind: What if…

I am seriously not able to stand another gall grit attack.  That pain will drive a sane person to suicide. And I am not a sane person…

The surgical removal of a gall bladder sounds like the solution to me. But so many people says not to do it. A friend told me his mother died of complications following such surgery. Other friends tells me it will be the end of nice juicy mutton chops and red wine. While still another bunch says their lives just got better without a gall bladder.

Do you still have a gall bladder? If yours was removed, how did it affect your life?

And Seegogga, I still need a recipe to get those green things like celery and parsley into my body…


Who do I believe:

or ?





24 thoughts on “Gallbladders and Apple Juice…

  1. I don’t always have the computer time to comment on everyone’s site, but I want you to know that I do read them and I thank you for visiting my site.

  2. ..en nou voel die Doom soos Adam – Eva, syt ook nie van appels gehou nie (appelssap in vrugvorm seker maar die selfde) die dat sy dit vir stomme Adam gegee het , wonder of galstene een van die erfsondes is? Jammer oor die spot , dit is glo nie grappies nie.. laat weet hoe die sop proe.

  3. I’m about two months post-gallbladder removal surgery. I had a stone lodge in a bile duct and had to have emergency surgery to get it out. The surgery was pretty minor, I was in the hospital for about a day and a half after the procedure and was off work for about a week total. I haven’t noticed any significant diet changes needed, but they do say you’re supposed to cut down on fat in the diet because you don’t have an organ to store bile anymore. I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade so that wasn’t a concern for me. All in all, I’ve been happy about the entire gallbladder removal situation and I would make the same choice if I had it to do over again.

  4. If you can’t stand the pain,and you can’t resist rich food and drink, then your only choice is to remove your gall bladder. My mom had hers removed 50 years and never had any problems to speak of. Why haven’t you done it already? I can’t imagine you’d have a problem unless you are a glutton, and ministers can’t be gluttons, right?

  5. asb probeer eers die dieet klaar voor jy na die doemprofete luister. Jy het nou sover gekom jy kan netsowel klaarmaak. ek lees op internet van epsomsout ook maar my ma het dieet net so gevolg soos ek vir jou gegee het en dit het gewerk. ek lees ook op internet van ander vir wie dit gewerk het. na galblaasoperasie moet mens maar alotyd versigtig wees wat jy eet, in elk geval!

  6. Jy stel net die onvermydelike uit. Geen dieet kan die situasie regmaak nie. Myne is uit, pynlike operasie maar lewe daarna is 100%. Kan net nie te ryk goed te veel van eet nie maar dis beter as die pyn!

  7. mine is out. best thing i could have done. the only restriction is not more than 2 skaaptjops. otherwise, no problems. but i should add – i eat rather healthy generally.

    • Now I did read it and thanks! Now I am really scared! The only time I have ever been in a hospital as a patient was to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I am now like the guy who said: ANY surgery on ME is major surgery!

      • Don’t be such a baby, Vosper ! – I’ve just told you that I had my gallbladder out this way and it was nothing: why would you listen to those trying to scare you ?!

  8. you will be surprised how tasty this soup really is! Add a bit of salt to taste and after 4 days of apple juice it is supposed to be delicious. Grin and bear it until the 7 days are over and we would love to hear how you munch on eisbein and braaitjops again!

  9. I was told a year ago I need my gall bladder removed due to stones. Usually, it doesn’t bother me, but sometimes it goes into, “I’m pissed off mode” for a few weeks. My pain is minor, it’s more or less a swelling feeling after I eat. I’ve heard varying stories about the after effects of having it removed. So, who knows.

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