9 thoughts on “Riding…

      • Something about it: I can remember clearly the first time I hopped onto the back of a big bike and clutched the bloke riding it around his middle, begging him not to go too fast or to ‘bend over’ too far … Of course he did both; and by the time we came back to base I was hooked !!
        You remind me a bit of a Swiss friend of mine:
        and click through a few shots in the little gallery to find him and his Goldwing … what a ripper !

        • Beautiful red bike! You are the one blogger I really wish I could have a glass of wine with! Your life story sounds so interesting and amazing and all those words good writers never use! That scenery of Europe is also so beautiful in the photos. Thanks for sharing that with me.

          • How could I not, Vosper ? – I knew you’d like to see another bikie. πŸ™‚
            He is currently living in Florida, being one of those people with a yen for America. No idea why. If I had the choice, I know what I’d choose. But there ! – the grass is always greener, etc., etc.
            I should enjoy greatly sharing a glass of wine … in the absence of which, I wish you ongoing happiness in your useful and happy life with your lovely wife !

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