A Whiter shade of Pale- The Beetle Project

I don’t get much time for blogging at the moment. I don’t do much work- but then, I did take a few days leave…

This morning, with much fear and trepidation, I applied the first color coat of paint. It did not go as planned from the beginning. The first batch had too much thinners in it, and the paint did run exactly as I did not want it to.

There will be a bit of sanding in my near future…

But the first coat of paint is on…

And slowly, oh so slowly, it is starting to look vaguely like a Beetle again…

Yesterday I went to Pretoria to visit a church member in hospital. I also stopped at a shop specializing in Beetle and Buggy Parts. I bought some grommets to put the beading strips back on. And it felt quite good, drilling the holes at the correct places, pushing the grommet it, and hearing that satisfying click when a 46 year old beading strip jumps into place again…

The one truth I did learn- paint does not cover any screw-ups in the preparation phase. But then, as I am a total amateur, I am quite happy with the results so far…

I also applied my other 1% capability skill today. The floor pan is slightly rusted through at three places. I cleaned it with some swimming pool acid- I think it is hydrochloric acid. Then I covered the holes with fibre glass. (Why does the spell checker go red on that one- how do you spell fibreglass? Or is it glass fiber? )

In any case- there might be another exciting prospect on the horizon.  The Rider MIGHT just have a new stallion soon. Ok, not new, also a 2000 model. But I will post when it happens. Meanwhile I am desperately searching for buyers for my BMW R 850 R.  I do have an offer for my Aprilia, but I want to keep it for my sons…  Watch this space… or buy this bike and come and tour South Africa!

5 thoughts on “A Whiter shade of Pale- The Beetle Project

  1. Beetle, nice wee car …. I hope we will see the finish result in the end … looks a bit messy here … how do did you get those windows clean ?????

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