Beetle Project- The Primer coat is now applied…

This morning, after a hearty breakfast with some fellow Word Riders, my son and I had another go at the Beetle restoration project.

It is a public holiday in South Africa today. Yesterday was Freedom Day in South Africa, remembering the day in 1994 when all South Africans could vote for the first time.  When a public holiday falls on a Sunday, it is the habit in our country that the Monday is then also a Public Holiday.

We have finished the primer coat this morning. As I understand it, the primer must now cure for about 24 hours before applying the color coat.

We also, with great tears and suffering, put back the fender that we had to take off. It is starting to look like a car again. Although the many enemies of the Beetle/ Bug will doubt that it will ever look like a car!

IMG_2381 IMG_2383

I am quite proud of this door! It was rusted through, as well as the panel where the fuel cap is situated. I fixed it will fibre glass 2 years ago (after another few sessions of Youtube!) That is also why the front fender had to come off- to sand the fibre glass layer decently and get it level and smooth.

I must confess that the car looks good from a distance, but with closer scrutiny it will still show a lot of pock marks that I am not able to fix with my subnovice skills level. But you know what, it is coming along nicely. I have tackled a huge project that I have no clue about. And we are slowly winning the battle!  It might be ugly, but I will be proud of it!  I will keep you posted as we move along!


2 thoughts on “Beetle Project- The Primer coat is now applied…

  1. Dit lyk sommer baie goed (vanuit nog ‘n leek se oogpunt 😉 )! Julle is besig om herinneringe te bou en dit is ‘priceless’. Geniet dit met jou kind. Hy lyk hoogs tevrede.

  2. Doesn’t look too ugly from where I stand, Vosper. Who cares about some damned pockmarks? – you will’ve done a Lazarus with it, and be able to use it. Goodnyermate – and the son. 🙂

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