Prepping the Beetle for a Paint Job

The past few days were quite hectic. Every little bit of time that I could, I was busy putting on body filler to small holes, sanding, trying to get a good foundation for the paint job that follows… I worked late at night, and started again early in the mornings.

I must confess. it is quite scary to attempt this restoration project, when I have no skills whatsoever. Between Youtube clips and Jim Tylers book on restoration, I try my best.  But I still don’t think Chip Foose or those guys at Gasmonkeys (Fast & Loud) will begin to offer me a job…

20140425_085509 20140425_085522 20140425_085530

I have bought the primer. I have bought some Arctic White paint. And a lot of water sanding paper for finishing first the primer layer, and then the paint. It took a while to cover the windows…  After everything was sanded as smooth as I can, I washed the car with car shampoo. But it sure looks in a sorry state…

Now… tomorrow I have to conduct a funeral service.  A man I have great respect for died on Monday. I have to see his widow and son in an hour’s time to make the last arrangements for tomorrow morning.

And then- the moment of truth arrives. I have to use a spray gun for the first time in my life… I really really hope I get it right! I don’t have the money to get professional help, and I really want to give my son this car as his 18 th birthday present.  Looking as good as I can get it.

Just a last thing- my father died in 1993. While I was busy fixing this car, I saw some of the things he have done for me, on this Beetle. I got a secondhand petrol pedal, and when I wanted to fit it to the floor vracket, I remembered why the petrol pedal was missing. The bracket was broken. My father has made another bracket, but it did not last. So I had to take it out, and weld a new bracket. I hope my bracket will last another generation…

When my grandmother bought this car new in 1968, she would not in her wildest dreams imagine that her great grandson would drive it one day. And this makes me wonder- how many more years of service will Jeremiah provide? My son wants to call her Betsie, after my grandmother…



5 thoughts on “Prepping the Beetle for a Paint Job

  1. Thanks friends. I am ashamed. I lost it today! The spray gun I borrowed is missing some parts. From the start it dripped paint on the car when I tried to spray the car’s roof. The air hose was also cracked. So I cracked with it, I used some extreme language for a pastor. Then I finally found a business in town who could build me a new air hose, maybe the 7th establishment I tried. I also bought myself a gravity feeding spray gun, the borrowed one just kept on giving problems. Well tonight the first coat of primer is applied. I still need to do some sanding, the gray primer layer snowed that to me. I will also have to accept it will look like the work of an amateur. Which I definitely am. I am slightly disappointed but bravely soldiering on… I really want to bless my son with this car, and it must look acceptable…

  2. This is the coolest project EVER. Your son is going to be so happy! I think you will manage to do it just fine. I know a lot of people who have done DIY paint jobs by using youtube clips and so on, and they managed. Can’t wait to see the final product! And it is SO COOL how much of a history this beetle has in your family.

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