Another old wreck…

This week I don’t seem to have much on my mind.  I am busy planning my Motorbike trip to Cape Town next month, and am getting really excited.  My BMW got an oil change, and a new front tire. I thought that I could put a Dueller tire, like the Metzeler Tourance in front, as I have in the back. Now I find out that the Roadster’s 18″ front tire do not come in any Dueller tires. So I opted for a Bridgestone Spitfire, as that was available in our town…

As I do not have many words in my heart at the moment, I will share another one of Saturday’s wrecks that my daughter and I have photographed. I also have no idea what this is- maybe an older petrolhead can help us out with the info!!

_MG_0596 _MG_0598


4 thoughts on “Another old wreck…

    • We see all the Discovery programs of guys in America doing that, and sometimes I wish I were more handy to do it myself. But any spanner and screwdriver becomes dangerous objects in my hands…

      • I reckon you have to be raised to it. My husband was one of 4 boys in an entirely engineering household, and because of that ended up being able to do ANYTHING. Well,not including open heart surgery … 😉

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