Let’s Visit… Ireland

How does Let’s Visit work? You take a world map, and put it against a wall. You take a dart, and with your eyes closed, you throw it. Where the dart pegs, you go on a virtual tour from the uncomfort of your own home. If you are rich, you just hop to the nearest travel agent, book a flight there for tomorrow, and Bob’s your uncle- a real tour…  Otherwise, like me, you just virtual travel on your day off.

The dart pegged in the Atlantic Ocean next to the Irish shores… I am lucky- I have been there, I have a sister in law living in Coolaney, or however the Irish wish to spell it…

First stop in Ireland: Guinness Brewery… let me tell you, the black stuff with the white head tastes much better there than across the Atlantic on the underside of the Equator! Image

I was a lot younger here, so not old enough for the good Irish whiskey’s…

Dublin also have a beautiful park worth sitting in, and feeding the ducks… St Stephens Green Image

Ireland is a beautiful island. You have to travel around it… but the Irish are BAD drivers- they have way too much patience behind a steering wheel and will wait for a car approaching two towns away…  This is the Ring of Kerry- patience is needed for Irish roads (did I say that yet?)


If you do have patience, you will eventually reach beautiful towns like Kildare…

ImageYou get to kiss the Blarney stone to have the gift of being a good speaker…


You have not been to Ireland if you did not see the Cliffs of Maher- and look across the Atlantic Ocean to where most of the Irish are living on the other side…


To go to church can be bad on a wet day, as the cathedrals have no roofs and lots of dead people buried there inside… Image The Irish lost a lot of fishermen to the cruel Atlantic ocean:

ImageYou have seen this photo here before, but here is the explanation of the statue: Image

The Irish are a nation of poets… ImageThere is a pub for every 3 Irish men, you may use the craic in any pub, but do not mention The Troubles…


Thus far I got with my own photos. But as usual- you wondered: how does an Irish girl look like?

Ireland is a gutsy rugby playing nation, God bless ’em!


Ronan o’Gara as shared by thinkwhatyoulike.wordpress.com

Finally- they have quite a lot of musicians- the home of Celtic music, and Enya and Westlife…

It is huge fun being in Ireland, if you are really, really patient behind a steering wheel!

What have I missed? The Island does have 1000 shades of green, it rains every single day of the year, and their hottest summer days are colder than our winters days…  But a lovely place…

Ladies, you just have to Google Image Colin Farrell your own selves…

7 thoughts on “Let’s Visit… Ireland

  1. Great post, love the pictures. My family is of Irish descent, and the area where I live has been called “more Irish than Ireland”, so it’s been a dream of mine to visit there someday. Touring the island on motorcycle would be the ultimate trip!

  2. Great post and I’ve been wanting to visit Ireland for a good many years now. Guess it’s going to be a virtual tour soon and then will have to see when I can physically manage to set foot on that beautiful Emerald Isle!

  3. We did that when we were 23 and the dart landed on the Azores. So 10 years later (with a bit more dosh in our pockets) we spent 10 days there for our honeymoon. We’ll do it again! Hopefully it lands on Ireland. I have Irish citizenship but I have never been..something wrong with that picture! Must go one day.

  4. Nice concept, you can add to the experience by wandering around on Google Street View – I do this when I am driving somewhere new such that when I arrive I get this uneasy feeling I have been here before – Déjà rue vu 🙂

    • It is a wonderful tool! Really helps me to get places, because getting lost in South Africa in the wrong neighbourhoods can be really dangerous. Every now and then my wife visit her sister’s house virtually when the longing grows too strong…

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