A winter evening in the South African Bush…

When I see friends in the northern hemisphere posting in winter time, I see snow and extreme weather. No one dare to be outside.

So let me share some of the South African experience. It was the winter solstice last week. It is supposed to be cold…

Yesterday the day turned at 34 degrees Celsius…   I am so happy that some of my Cape Town friends stayed over last night.  Our European friends would not understand. I live on a rather huge piece of land, with many trees. These trees drop branches or get pruned every now and then.  What happens to the dead branches? Image

I have this stainless steel drum from our very first washing machine- a Speedqueen toploader. And it is making such a wonderful heater in winter… Remember our context- This Is Africa!  We had these two lovely fires going last night, the upper one to keep us warm. And the second- we had a fantastic BRAAI (barbeque), one of South Africa’s favourite ways of cooking!


Having a Braai, with some excellent export quality KWV wine (Merlot) and good friends sitting around the fireside… MAN, it is hard living in Africa… Not!

Tomorrow President Barack Obama is visiting our country- he will hear sad stories from the ANC– but just look at the parking lot… not all South Africans are poor anymore…  A better life for all politicians… the ANC slogan…

Our prayers are still with Nelson Mandela, but we fear the end is nigh…

15 thoughts on “A winter evening in the South African Bush…

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  2. Oh yes, open fires and cold weather in June, I so know what you mean, growing up in Europe and now living in Oz. Sometimes it still seems like I got lost in the calender somehow 😉

      • Lol! You had to mention the sports didn’t you? So funny. Cricket: it doesn’t get me, I guess one has to be brought up with it. I was brought up with soccer, never knew rugby before coming to Australia. They love their league, but we lived in Canberra and we got to know about the Brumbies and union. That’s more us, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear. So far the soccer and rugby world cups are the only things I got up for at wee hours of the night (apart from my children). Unfortunately they don’t show much here, other when the wallabies are playing …… it’s even more unfortunate that we ususally don’t go for them, don’t tell immigration though, they might kick us out 😉 Thanks for following my blog by the way 🙂

  3. Seems like a pleasure often repeated! And Schopenhauer did say that happiness consists in frequent repetition of pleasure.

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