The Sorrel Horse…

This blog’s name I found in Zechariah 1:8. It is a prophetic vision given to Zechariah, where he sees a rider on a red horse standing between the myrtle trees. This rider is followed by three other riders on another red horse, a sorrel horse and a white horse. These riders are riding throughout the world, reporting the state of the world to the Lord. Why am I choosing the Sorrel Horse? The White Horse belongs to the King (Revelations) Who I am not.  I am an introvert, it is much easier for me speaking my mind electronically than in real life- I am not a strong leader, so I do not wish to be the first red horse.  But to go for a ride through the world… Bring it on!

I am a pastor in a traditional Reformed Church in rural South Africa. Trapped in a small, conservative town, this is my longing to sometimes have a chat with people around the world.  To dream dreams of visiting far off places, eating the cuisine of exotic places, and hearing the thoughts of other cultures.   This blog is my personal opinions, and some of my experiences in life. I love the Rider metaphor, as I owned a black horse when at school. I am a passionate Biker (motorcyclist) and also am the slowest cyclist in my town, but competes yearly in the Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town, the largest timed Cycle race in the world with more than 36000 competitors in a single race on the second Sunday in March.

I am also an official Peregrino, completing the Camino de Santiago in 2011 and earning my Campostelo, for 317 km from Léon to Santiago in 17 days. And how I long to go back and do the whole Camino Frances!

I do not intend to offend anyone with this blog, I just need some space to be myself, and share a little bit of my life with my friends around the world.

So lets ride!

PS. I like my Bike!  2000 BMW R 850 R – The perfect Allrounder?

I also do not have the heart to sell my other Bike: 2000 Model Aprilia Pegaso 650- review

PPS. PLEASE remember English is a second language for me, and I do not live in a part of South Africa where it is often heard. The people around here only uses English for self defense…

PPS. I am just no good with AWARDS,  being an introvert it is so difficult to try and find other bloggers who have not yet been nominated for that specific award…  I do not mind sharing the 7/15/ 99 truths about myself, it is just so hard to nominate someone else…  I would love a Freshly Pressed one day, though…

I have stolen this from Please forgive me Alden!

128 thoughts on “The Sorrel Horse…

  1. Well … I can see there is enough followers on this site! There’s 2 things that attracts me.. 1) I’m in the same Kingdom (pastor) in SA. Although, pls no pastoring! enought of that outside – I’m more after the fotos on your blog. 2) En dan sal dit ook lekker wees om te sien wat in Kaapstad aangaan hier vanuit Limpopo se reënwoude en bosveld.

  2. Hello from England. You ‘liked’ my home page a million years ago and thanks to one of my followers I just found you. Motorbikes – ah! Well, I rode on the back of a BMW 1000 once, after midnight and a Rolling Stones concert in the Netherlands. I still remember the smell of the countryside on the cool air that was also warm underneath. I’m writing a detective novel with a priest (Catholic) as the amateur ‘detective’ and I have chosen to give him a Triumph Daytona to ride. After I created him I met a person who is now a friend and has an uncle who is a Catholic priest and rides a motor bike – well he did till he was made a bishop! Your pictures are very evocative – and I love the first time rider in her eighties!

  3. Hi Rider, I couldn’t find any Contact Me details so I’m posting my questions here. Some friends are interested in going to South Africa for a riding tour. You know of any reliable company who will rent out bikes? Jennifer.

  4. Our mutual blogger friend Crystal mentioned you in a post and I just had to stop by. Biker (me too), photographer (me too … well, I’m trying to be), traveler (as much as I can) … and we each care for people, you spiritually, me as a Nurse Practitioner. I wish I could claim to speak another language – good for you!!!
    I look forward to reading more 🙂

  5. Hey, Really nice to meet you. I enjoy your adventure of riding through…..well everywhere i guess !
    P.S Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m new to this so looking forward to your advice on it 🙂
    Best wishes and Be safe 🙂

  6. Many thanks for visiting my blog. I am a fellow peregrina, having walked from SJPP to Muxia and Finisterre this year (there is a daily report from the camino on my blog), and now deciding which camino to travel next year! Loved your bucket list – such ambitions!

  7. Greetings fellow motorcycle lover! I HAD to visit your Blog when I saw your comment on my friends’ post (Patrons of the Pit) re:Turducken and it’s relative cost in South Africa compared to a Harley. I look forward to reading more from you Sir … be safe and RIDE ON !!

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