The Sorrel Horse…

This blog’s name I found in Zechariah 1:8. It is a prophetic vision given to Zechariah, where he sees a rider on a red horse standing between the myrtle trees. This rider is followed by three other riders on another red horse, a sorrel horse and a white horse. These riders are riding throughout the world, reporting the state of the world to the Lord. Why am I choosing the Sorrel Horse? The White Horse belongs to the King (Revelations) Who I am not.  I am an introvert, it is much easier for me speaking my mind electronically than in real life- I am not a strong leader, so I do not wish to be the first red horse.  But to go for a ride through the world… Bring it on!

I am a pastor in a traditional Reformed Church in rural South Africa. Trapped in a small, conservative town, this is my longing to sometimes have a chat with people around the world.  To dream dreams of visiting far off places, eating the cuisine of exotic places, and hearing the thoughts of other cultures.   This blog is my personal opinions, and some of my experiences in life. I love the Rider metaphor, as I owned a black horse when at school. I am a passionate Biker (motorcyclist) and also am the slowest cyclist in my town, but competes yearly in the Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town, the largest timed Cycle race in the world with more than 36000 competitors in a single race on the second Sunday in March.

I am also an official Peregrino, completing the Camino de Santiago in 2011 and earning my Campostelo, for 317 km from Léon to Santiago in 17 days. And how I long to go back and do the whole Camino Frances!

I do not intend to offend anyone with this blog, I just need some space to be myself, and share a little bit of my life with my friends around the world.

So lets ride!

PS. I like my Bike!  2000 BMW R 850 R – The perfect Allrounder?

I also do not have the heart to sell my other Bike: 2000 Model Aprilia Pegaso 650- review

PPS. PLEASE remember English is a second language for me, and I do not live in a part of South Africa where it is often heard. The people around here only uses English for self defense…

PPS. I am just no good with AWARDS,  being an introvert it is so difficult to try and find other bloggers who have not yet been nominated for that specific award…  I do not mind sharing the 7/15/ 99 truths about myself, it is just so hard to nominate someone else…  I would love a Freshly Pressed one day, though…

I have stolen this from Please forgive me Alden!

128 thoughts on “The Sorrel Horse…

  1. Hi I love Sunday Stills, it’s brought me in touch with quite a few new bloggers. Thanks for your “follow” and your comment on my Motorcycles post, I did enjoy the challenge even though it wasn’t my kind of thing!

  2. Thanks for following my blog recently- your support means a lot! Sorry it’s taken me a while to say that, and explore your blog more, but I look forward to seeing more of your photo challenges and travel stores…

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s nice to meet you. I have an acquaintance here where I live who grew up in South Africa and is here on student visa. He is fun to chat with sometimes to get a different view of the world. I haven’t had many chances to travel in my life but, like you, I enjoy it when I get the chance. I hope you get an opportunity to see the world .

  4. Hello – Having a travel rest afternoon, and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the likes on my various posts. It makes me happy to think that you are finding enjoyment in our travelling experience. I have never made it to South Africa, but it is on my bucket list. All the best, Garrulous Gwendoline, The Reluctant Retiree

  5. Love the bike! It’s gorgeous! 😀
    Lovely bio and lovely blog as well. You will however notice that I do not have any religion. Rumi summed it up perfectly for me : “I belong to no Religion. My religion is Love. Every heart is my temple.” So, if that’s good for you, then no problem here. I take people as they are, with their beliefs and just because I don’t believe the same, doesn’t make them any different to me. 😀
    Thanks for the lovely visit to my blog. Love your photo’s. 😀

  6. I love that you have found your creative outlet despite a perhaps conservative and isolated living environment. I, too, realized recently that my blog and communication with other bloggers serves that purpose for me as well. Living in an isolated and very rural mountain environment that’s about 20 years behind the times culturally leaves me longing for an international community, multi-cultural, inspired… and the blogosphere has provided that. Plus it helps to go on at least one big trip a year!

  7. Glad you found my blog! A cool name for your blog. It’s amazing but I just posted about my bike on Saturday, and those were the first pictures I’ve shown and the first time I’ve mentioned it. I also have visited Santiago de Compostela (though I didn’t walk there!) and that whole region. It’s just so beautiful. I’ve also visited your home country more recently (late 2011). Wonder where you live? I didn’t spend a huge amount of time in that country. To be honest, I was eager to explore countries of the region that weren’t so white. Anyway, what the heck, a fellow rider I might as well follow you.

    • Glad you found mine too, I love your photos! I am in the Waterberg region starting about 100 km north of Pretoria, in the Bushveld (150 km north of OR Tambo International Airport…

  8. Thank you for the visit to my humble blog. I haven’t gotten to Zechariah yet but I’ve read bits and pieces of it. I’ve been wanting to update my own bucket list (one of my items is to ride a humble Ducati), I hope to be able to tick some off soon. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Have a wonderful weekend! Regards, Mary

  9. I know a few people who lived in South Africa before and speak Afrikanse? Is that how you spell it? Anyway, I bet it’s very different from Southern California. All my friends who have been there say it’s beautiful!!!

    • Hi friendly nurse! Afrikaans- the first language in all the lists on computers… 🙂 Thanks for the visit, I love your blog! Our country is beautiful in many different ways- we have a bit of everything- from ocean life- you Californians love Jeffreys Bay- one of the famous surfing places of the world. We have desert and tropical paradise, we have about 10 % of all wildlife species of the world, and birds, and plants… so much to see and do- when your house is paid off, book a flight! 🙂

      • You’re more than welcome! It’s winter here around 7 months of the year so you really have to make the most of the good weather when it comes! I visited South Africa once but only for two weeks – really enjoyed it but two weeks was far too short. Thanks for the follow! Linda.

  10. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and giving a like to “The Irony of it all”. The blog is still in the process of being set up, so your like is really appreciated. Good luck with your own travels, I like your style. MM

  11. Hi, a fellow rider! Nice bike, I have a Honda CBR 600 F1 back home in Canada, the poor thing hasn’t been ridden since I moved abroad 3 years ago, it’s terrible! I like the concept of your blog; I’ve just started a shiny new blog (as you’ve seen! ^_^) a place to be myself and explore different issues in writing. Thanks for visiting me, cheers!

  12. Nice bike. Perhaps one day you can ride it through the USA. I think you’ll like the scenery and foods here, too.

  13. Hello! thank you for liking one of my few posts.It’s amazing how deep is the reason why you chose you blog title. I chose mine randomly since I can no longer think of something else. I don’t even know if the title “Shimemo” sounds funny. Like you, I am also introvert and want to talk with people around the world. Thanks to the internet and of course to God.

  14. Wonder in which ‘conservative town’ in South Africa you live and worship in. As Dutch we lived for 13 yrs in Robertson, Western Cape and had the idea of living in a pre Boer War community. Since 2 yrs in Stanford living amongst people from a wide diversity of walks-of-life and it all goes well together!

  15. I started my blog for a very similar reason as yours. Just a place to be myself and show my photography. You write very well so no worries about English being your second language. I look forward to reading more and seeing your photos.

  16. Ehem, horse, motorbike, Santiago de compostela…. you got it made. As for Awards, ehem, I give awards and it’s fun. I must check the Zechariah tonight. Ride away….

  17. Hi Rider! Thanks for the visit to my blog and for liking the shot of the motorcycle taillights. I would love to do the Camino, but don’t know when or whether that will be possible, being stuck in far-off Australia and unemployed at the moment. Maar ek byt vas! 🙂 You should have a look at my Travels with my Camera blog, too, for some travel shots. I like what I’ve seen here so far and will definitely follow your journey. Groetnis!

  18. You have such a lovely blog! I look forward to reading more. (And by the way, from what I’ve read, your written English is excellent, so don’t worry!) 🙂

  19. Hi, I really like the philosophy behind blog. I also enjoy the contact with the other citizens of the blogosphere that writing and photography brings, although we all have different outlooks and backgrounds, we can all share a story, experience or image. Looking forward to reading through your blog and hope you enjoy Sea Raven’s journey as we go from being a couple to a family and then on to cross oceans!

  20. Hi there. I’m still a bit new to WordPress and have a question. I just recently changed my blog website address. I was just wondering, since you are following my blog, whether you are able to still access it via your “Reader” and see my posts, despite my change in blog website address? Thank you for helping out. I am still enjoying learning about your land when I have the time to casually scroll through your posts.

    • Hi Worldwanderer- thanks for visiting! I think I saw your new blog adress on the reader under travel, and started to follow that… it does show on my reader as blogs that I follow, yes… It is also good to read your blog! I have been to Vienna but in 1983 when I was still at school, I wish I could see it again. I remember Schonbron palace, and Johann Strauss’ grave, and the Ferris Wheel…

      • Thanks so much for helping out and confirming my question. I wasn’t so sure what I was doing with all these buttons one can press on WordPress.
        Wow that is quite a while ago. When you next get the chance I recommend seeing all of that again. Maybe the changes or non changes will surprise you in Vienna. Thanks again, you’re so kind

  21. Thanks for stopping by and the like ~~~ definitely click on the SPA in the Sun …some great deals and at a spa near you !!!

  22. Hi Rider, thanks for liking my beaches. I want to do the Campostela de Santiago too….its on my Bucket List so envious of you, tut tut must ajust my attitude. I come from a charismatic background but what unites us is far more important than out differences. You earn my total respect for serving in a remote area! All the best with your blogging!

  23. Thank you for stopping by and liking my article about Juneau, Alaska. You have an amazing website. I like the title, and the meaning a lot.

  24. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my posts. I like your bucket list :). Wish they all come true sooner.

    • Thanks, it was taken at Cape Agulhas, the most southern point of Africa, where all good trans-african bike trips (like Ewan and Charley’s Long Way Down) must start/end…

      • Now it is rotating- the one on the horse is me at school, doing gymkhana (tentpen pegging?) I know this is a black horse and not a sorrel one… The other photos are of my different bikes I own at the moment, both of them…

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