Cape Town Day 2


This morning the Cape region woke up to a beautiful day!  My host, some family and friends started this morning with a 12 km hike. I drove the backup vehicle, a Audi A3, red… what a car! 

We had breakfast at the News Café overlooking Table Mountain… ( from Table View)


At Melkbosstrand’s purple Ice cream shop I had a very good cone… world class ice cream! (I happen to know the guy who makes the ice cream mix in his factory, in fact I had breakfast with him this morning!)

This afternoon was amazing! My friend had to officiate at the wedding of Miss Fitness South Africa.  And I was a pirate viewer, I sat on a balcony in the beautiful old Dutch Reformed Church of Riebeek Kasteel.  I did take a photo of the bride and groom, but will respect their privacy.  Yes, she is stunningly beautiful, and he is very handsome.  I really hope that Tiaan and Kim will have an amazing life together, may they truly be happy!

The bike ride there was so good, I have never been to the twin towns of Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West before… this is the pass from Malmesbury to there:


We had an amazing time, but most of my photos are on my camera, and I dont have access to a computer to download it.  Perhaps after the tour…

Sunset at Melkbosstrand was another picture!


I took a photo of these life guard stations last year. I walked to the supermarket to buy some groceries. On my way back, the sun finally set on a beautiful day..


And, to share it with my friends from Minnesota, over at Patrons of the Pit, I prepared dinner for me, my friend and his daugter.  We had a BRAAI: a barbeque. We had some lamb chops, some Boerewors, our local sausage. And also some “pap & sous” An African dish made with ground corn flour (mieliepap!) and a tomato and onion relish.  This is the barbeque pit Cape Town style: because of the famous winds around here, specially the south easter, all barbequing takes place inside the house with a well ventilated chimney. What about the smoke? It gets blown all the way to Brazil, across the ocean from here.


Today was an awesome day! And tomorrow our Word Riders tour starts. i am not sure when I will have access to wifi, I will try to keep you posted!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Horizon. The space or line where the sky meets the earth. So many places where the sky meets the earth around the world, and millions of interactions between two elements. It can be water, a city skyline, a forest, a wasteland, a desert, a sunset outside your bedroom window. Is there a particular horizon which speaks to you?

In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo which means HORIZON to you!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

– Sara Rosso


This is the horizon of my town where I live- taken from a hill about 4 km out of town…  (cell phone unfortunately…)

2013-10-16 14.49.52Nearly all my time is spent on the piece of earth on this photo. Even my favorite cycling route is visible here- going to that hill on the horizon left. From my house to there is 16 km. During the Great Trek the Voortrekkers thought they have reached Egypt when they saw that hill, Kranskop. They were trying to get away from the British Empire…  The town on this photo, in the distance around the grain silos- Nylstroom.  “The stream of the Nile”… This is my horizon where I live.

The other horizon that I love:

IMG_0304The Amphitheatre in the Natal Drakensbergs- I grew up about 150 km from here and love the Mountains of Natal…

I also love the horizons of the Western Cape Province of South Africa


Grapes and Sandstone mountains…

But the best loved one of them all:

IMG_0814Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa! Going with my bicycle around it once a year in the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycletour…

The Power of one- Festival of Leaves week 3


Yes, I have published this photo before, but not here. The setting- we were visiting friends in Cape Town in June this year. It was severe weather, quite stormy and rainy. And then, when we stopped in front of their gate, the sun came through the clouds for just a moment. And of the millions of leaves that were laying around in the road, this one caught my eye, with it’s brilliant colours in the sun. Just one leaf amongst millions, just one moment in time… I wish I picked it up and preserved it in the pages of my Bible. But this leaf is now just a memory…  a good one!

For the Challenge:

And for Seasons on the Daily Prompt:

Decisions decisions…

I am sitting on a razor blade this morning…   It is the Easter Weekend.  It is traditionally the one weekend when most South African road fatalities takes place. People drive like maniacs, lots of unroadworthy vehicles tries to sneak by the traffic cops. Lots of drinking and driving, lots of drunken pedestrian walking on highways…  It is really dangerous…  It is a good weekend to stay at home!

On the other side, there is still one week of school holidays left. I am thinking.  After my Good Friday sermon, I could hit the road with my Bakkie (pick-up truck), and drive down to Cape Town. I could tow a trailer, and put my BMW on it, and be back by next weekend. On the trailer the bike will not have to pay all the toll fees. My rear tire, which have about 1500 km left (just under 1000 miles) will then still be ready to do the Lowveld trip in April. My wife and I can spend Sunday in Cape Town on our anniversary, and go watch the sunset behind Robben Island, at the Blue Peter Hotel, where we had our honeymoon 23 years ago. We could visit our good friends in the CApe, and start driving back home on Thursday.  A beautiful scenario. Except for one thing… it will cost a lot- our fuel price in South Africa is at the highest level ever. There are a lot of tollgates along the way. And whatever we plan, there will be a lot of extra costs, like meals, ice cream,  maybe a movie…

The academic year is nearing it’s 4th month, and my bank has still not paid out my daughter’s study loan- everything so far has been out of my pocket…

On the one hand- there is another adventure waiting to be born. On the other hand… we still have to pay our bills…

When I was a little younger, there would not be any doubt at all about this one.   I need to start making up my mind…


Ps. I see the Daily Post has also decided to play the decisive game of decisions decisions