SILVER anniversary today!

I am still a young man. I still ride my bicycles, and motorbikes. I still enjoy Katy Perry’s music.

So how can it be that today is already my silver anniversary?

This morning, at 09h00, at the old Klipkerk in Bloemfontein 25 years ago, my bride walked down the aisle with her dad.






I was very young when I took the leap- just past my 23rd birthday. In the beginning, I was very insecure and it must have been difficult at times for my lovely bride. But we grew together, and as the Afrikaans saying goes, started eating our seven sacks of salt together.

There have been wonderful times, and we also went through extremely difficult times together. I still can’t go away from home for a long time, without actually having an aching heart when she is not near. Her smile still lights up my day.

In my work I see how few couples are really happily married, and stay together even this long. So I know I am truly blessed, being married to my best friend.

We are growing older- we are not as young and as beautiful as 25 years ago- that would be the world’s opinion, not mine! But the journey of life just keeps on getting better and better together…

Who would not love a wife who goes on a 3000 km Bike trip with you?


It was so good last week, on the Word Rider Tour, being so near Golden Gate, (Free State, South Africa) where we started our honeymoon 25 years ago…

Who would not love the mother of our 4 beautiful kids, and the calming factor when the storms of life hit us?

I don't know who posted this in the first place- but all respect and honor to you!

I don’t know who posted this in the first place- but all respect and honor to you!

Cape Town in winter…

At the moment my wife and I are in a cold and wet and windy Cape Town. But we love this place in any of its moods…


The Fishing harbour at Hout  Bay- one of my favorite spots of the Cape, except when I am on my bicycle the 2nd Sunday of March each year…


A Beautiful view of Table Mountain today… er… the Mountain has been stolen!

Why did we fly to Cape Town in winter? Last night one of my best friends in life got married. So me and Mrs Rider dressed up a bit…


I looked forward so much to this evening… then I had another gall sludge attack. I only had 2 cups of soup and water last night… But the party was really good! We really enjoyed last night in the Protea hotel Fire & Ice… tonight we are staying at other good friends and tomorrow morning we are flying back home…

Movement- Daily Prompt

I want to do the Photographer’s Challenge for today’s Daily Prompt- Movement. The moment is my younger colleague, dancing with his bride for the first time as a married couple on their wedding day. I enjoyed it a lot, I married them!



I am a hopelessly lost romantic at heart, there is something so beautiful about this first dance together for me…

Romance- Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme

I have the wonderful privilege to be a marriage official as well. And one of the most beautiful things for me remains when romance grows to a wedding…

At the end of November I had the honour of marrying my young colleague with his beautiful bride… I snapped a special moment between them on that special day…


And Romance in my own life blossoms still- going for 24 years of happily married life, here is my bride on our 20th anniversary…


Bushveld wedding… the Bride and Groom

This part of my work I really love…

Here is my younger colleague and his new wife yesterday after I married them. My daughter was the official photographer, these are just 3 of mine, because every woman reading my blog the past two days were wondering how they look…

He is our Youth Pastor, and she is a Physiotherapist, (and a professional cyclist….)  They both really kick my butt on a bicycle…

_MG_0055 _MG_0065 _MG_0077As you can guess, I really love these two young people, and wish them a very happy journey together!

Another Bushveld Wedding!

This afternoon I have the great privilege to conduct the marriage ceremony of my younger colleague, and his beautiful fiancé, at a Lodge outside our town. My daughter is doing the photos for this wedding, her first solo gig…  Yesterday we went to go look at a lot of backgrounds for the family and brides photos. I also took my camera along, for I love this place- regular readers will recognize some of the scenes immediately…


May they bring lorries full of love to this union…


May love be the chain that holds them together when the road gets rocky


May they be happy wherever the wind blows them…


I don’t hope they will use the phone to call it off before 4 pm today!


Wherever they will stay, may it be happy home!


At 4 PM we will tie the knot…


So may they be happy together from today onwards…





Love is a beautiful song… and more… (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

by michelle w. on May 11, 2013

We each have many types of love relationships — parents, children, spouses, friends. And they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?


Foreigner asked this question when I was much younger… : “I want to know what love is…”   And since then, this question is still bugging me, and keeping me busy in my thoughts.  For I am a wedding official in our country.  Our Department of Home Affairs licenced me to perform weddings, that is binding by law…

As a marriage official, I have seen so much couples over the past two decades. And each of them had a song in their heart, with which they opened the dance floor after the wedding.  Some sing to each other the words of Josh Groban: “You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains…”   They sing to each other with Savage Garden: “Truly, madly deeply…” They look deep into each other’s eyes later in the evening and sing with Queen: “ You’re my best friend”  or Joe Cocker crones for them: “You are so beautiful…”   As the evening progresses the Boyz II Men promise: “I’ll make love to you...”  and one of my favourite songs… Eric Clapton, the master- “Beautiful Tonight…”  


But how can a late night at the wedding reception not have Barry White, in that deep voice, singing: “My first, my last, my everything…”   or Elvis, the King, sings “ Love me tender…”   How could a wedding feast not have the Righteous Brothers singing: “Unchained Melody…”  or Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross with ” Endless LOve

The beginning of love is a beautiful song…

But I, as a pastor, also see the other end of the journey in so many lives…

Even here are some songs applicable: U2- “With or without you…”   Sometimes doubt sets in… Tina Turner asks: “What’s love, but a secondhand emotion?

When there are no change of direction, Def Leppard cries: “Love hurts…”  The BeeGees begins to aslk: How deep is your love? 

It’s a sad day when Air Supply begins to say: “I’m all out of love”   And Joe Cocker cries: “Unbreak my heart…”   Like Heart, you can feel so “Alone” 


Then the whole Country genre of music kicks in- your horse dies,, your dog bites you, all goes South…  “You piiiicked a fine time to leave me Lucille…” (Kenny Rogers)   And Shania Twain asks “Whose bed have your boots been under?”  Bummer.

Over a drink you cry with R.E.M “Everybody hurts...”  Till Roy Orbison declares: “It’s over…”   You go with Elvis to the “Heartbreak Hotel”.  Your “significant other is now, in your eyes, as Pat Benatar declares, a “Heartbreaker…”  You wish for just “ONe more night” with Phil Collins, but you had your chance…  And Linda Ronstadt says “It hurts so bad…”  Later all you can think about is: “Yesterday” (the Beatles). Yip, Bob MArley- “No woman no cry”

I have seen love’s beginning, and I have seen love’s end. Love does not have to end!  But it takes hard work to keep it alive and growing…

How to save your love?

  1.  Boston has it right. Love is “More than a feeling!”
  2.  Treasure each other- Shania Twain: “You’re still the one…
  3.  “Don’t you forget about me” – Simple Minds- Make the other one feel special.
  4. Nothing compares to you“- Sinead o’ Connor- wise words! Don’t Compare!
  5. You are always on my mind” Elvis- Think about how to be a good companion for life’s journey!
  6. In the arms of the angel” Sarah Maclachlin-  Give each other hugs, celebrate each other’s bodies…
  7.  “The first time, I ever saw your face” Roberta Flack – Remember, and celebrate your journey together!
  8.  “To where you are” Josh Groban- time spent together is important, make it count!
  9.  “I believe I can Fly” by R Kelly- Believe when you can’t see…
  10.  “The Greatest Love of all”– Whitney Housten- BE that to your lover!

But in the end- Foreigner still have the best answer to the question: “I want to know what Love is…” And that is… “I want you to show me…