Festival of Leaves- Week 8


As most of you are enjoying a nice autumn, we are having spring. I still have a lot of leaf photos to share of my walk in the countryside a few weeks ago. Here is another 3 of newborn leaves in nature…

Refreshing dewdrops on new leaves

Refreshing dewdrops on new leaves

_MG_1046 _MG_1089

Sunday Stills- Trees

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Trees/ Fall Colours?

Posted on October 20, 2013 by 

Easy challenge this week, for those of us who can, lets make this a fall foliage challenge too..:-)


_MG_0119 _MG_0130 _MG_0356 _MG_0788It is Spring in South Africa. So I will just share some of our local trees as they are at the moment, or were in the last 2 months…

An unusual point of view- Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on September 6, 2013

Challenge yourself to rethink your ideas about what subjects are appropriate, and then challenge yourself again to find an unusual perspective on your subject.


I love photos of the magnificent trees in our South African Bushveld. So I decided, from an unusual point of view, to include the tree’s roots in the shot…

I think, but will stand totally corrected if I am wrong, that this is a Wild Fig tree, growing on the R101 between Nylstroom and Warmbaths (Modimolle and Bela Bela…)




As I said, I am no dendrologist so if somebody knows differently please help me out… I think this is a Ficus thonningii also known as the Wild Fig or Strangler Fig– Strangler because it likes to grow next to a host tree and in time take over that tree’s skeleton completely…

Why is the Weekly Photo Challenge’s commentary already closed?

Landscape… (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Landscape

by michelle w. on May 9, 2013

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?


As I rise each morning, I open the curtains to a brand new day…  This is the view from my bedroom window:Image

In the rural areas of South Africa, we have lots of space, as you can see.  When talking about real trees- we have a lot!  I have had to take some exotic trees out, and plant indigenous trees in their place. The Syringa trees had to go- they cause hayfever in me and some of my children when in bloom. The stumps of the syringas were left in the ground, they make handy cricket wickets for my boys. They are a handy perch for my birdfeeder- the one that gave me such a hard time to make…  you know- grinding and welding without proper eyewear…

In their place I planted 5 Celtis Africana (White Stinkwood) trees, and 5  Combretum Erythophyllum  (River Bushwillow or Vaderlandswilg Trees) So yes- individual trees does matter…

I still have quite a lot of exotic trees standing in my backyard. It is just too hot in the Bushveld not to have shady trees… There are  still about 5 huge mulberry trees, which feeds the whole congregation’s children’s silkworm plague. There are quite a few Jacaranda trees- famous in Pretoria, but a foreign species to South Africa- another Aussie invasion, just like the bluegum trees…

Living in the Bushveld- I see the individual trees. We have a thousand different species in our region.  Outside of town I see the “forest”- the bigger picture of all the dendrological life together as one magnificent habitat for our thousands of bird species, and the wildlife for which Africa is famous for…

My view as I wake up tells the story of what is important to me. You can see that it is very child-friendly- a boy’s dream place to grow up. There is one of my sons in this picture, with two friends- there are about 10 boys on any given day somewhere in the yard- only 3 of them are mine… There is enough space to hit a cricket ball or to swing. There are a few trees that are worthy of a climb. Out of view is a small swimming pool, which really helps to cool us down in summer when it reaches 40 degrees Celcius in our world.

It is now autumn in the Bushveld. It is a dry season, and municipal water is very expensive, so not much watering is going on this time of year. My vegetable garden is not planted at the moment- but I love fresh vegetables out of the garden.

 And so you have a glimpse out of my bedroom window into my world as I rise each morning.