Streetlife- Weekly Photo Challenge

And so I discovered after a year’s use that my Samsung Galaxy S3 does have a Panorama function… I am not sure how to publish that photo though… 

The Scene is Stellenbosch’ Java Café, one of my favorite hangouts in the Cape Province in South Africa. The whole street in front is a postcard picture, with lots of restaurants and art shops…


But this might not be that awesome… so… another one of the Waterfront in Cape Town, where people like to meet on the streets…



I forgot my camera the day I went to the Waterfront! I played around with the Samsung, and cropped this photo a bit:

20140320_110050 I hope this is a bit better!


Wood- Ailsa’s Travel Theme

The previous two days I was tied up in a church teambuilding exercise, could not post, so sorry if I bombard you today with posts!

Here are some photos from the Franschhoek/ Stellenbosch wine region of South Africa, where there is a wonderful relationship between wood and grape!


Barrels at the entance to Elandsvlei cellars


Crate for packing some excellent port-like wine!


Wood Carving on a barrel at Muratie Cellars


Wine racks and barrels for sale at a road stall…


The inside of the beautiful Franschhoek Dutch Reformed Church



Share your world Challenge

What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

Where do you like to vacation?

Which place do you recommend as a Must-See? Please state which country, state or providence.

If money was not an issue, would you go on a cruise?  If so where would you go?


1. Least favorite mode of transportation– I am an easy traveller- anything that takes me to new places is part of the journey. But the one exception would be the Army lorries that took new recruits to basic training . Troop transport was not that good an experience in my life… especially when some violence is directed at you in the process, and some verbal abuse is flying around… What does it have to do with travel? Join the Army, see the world, meet new people… and kill them…. not my style…

2. Where do I like to vacation? Usually somewhere I have not been before… except Cape Town, South Africa, I am in love with Cape Town- Table Mountain, the beaches like Clifton, Bloubergstrand. The vineyards around Stellenbosch and Paarl. The awesome biking routes like Chapman’s Peak, the road to Rooi-Els, Frasnschhoekpas…  I definitely would put Cape Town as one of the top holiday destinations in my life… and I do have a LOT of wonderful friends living there. I just don’t get their rugby team…


3- Must See- see 2! Must See- the Muratie Cellars outside Stellenbosch.


4. A Cruise? YES please! The Cruise going from Washington State along to the Canadian Pacific coastline up to Alaska.  I have never been to that part of the world, and it sounds so beautiful.

Soft Pastels- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Soft Pastels

The Current Series

This week in our current color series the topic is soft pastels.   See my entry at the bottom of this post for examples.  I hope you have some fun with this challenge.



I am having a hard time with this one, Cee.  I might be totally wrong, but in the part of Africa that I live in, nothing happens in soft pastels.  In Africa, everything is much harder/ harsher, maybe more exciting.

You would associate soft pastels with Spring. But in reality we do not have a Spring season in the Bushveld. The one day it was winter. The next day it was summer. Spring is officially 20 days old in our region, and it is already about 35 degrees Celsius. It is very dry, with rain last seen in March… Our colours are browns and greens, the sky  now a hard blue. There are bright flower colours. But I find nearly no Pastels around me.

But I do want to contribute something… so this is the nearest I got to Soft Pastels. It is an artwork at the Muratie Cellars outside Stellenbosch, and it was beautiful to me…


Red Pill, Blue Pill, no Food, no thrill… (Daily Prompt)

by michelle w. on June 4, 2013

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NOURISHMENT.


“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name… and give us this day our Daily Pill…”   Erm… no, I could never do that in a Sunday service!  Picture the scene- da Vinci’s Last Supper painting… (No Dan Brown, not your version… 🙂 ) Jesus leans over to the young John the Apostle, and hands him… a red pill… “Think of Me…”

As a pastor, I do write from a Christian perspective. And so much of the ministry of Jesus took place around meals shared together, like the breaking of bread as a Christian feast of remembrance.  In my own life, it is the one thing I love above most others- to share a meal with friends. It is part of my being. Every Friday evening I light a barbeque fire at home, and enjoy a “Braai” with some friends. Every Sunday, if possible, I love to cook a “Potjie”- a meal in a cast iron pot that is part of being an African.

What would the joy be in arriving home, and then quickly go and swallow your daily pill, be it red or blue… No thanks, not for me.

As we travelled to Cape Town last weekend, we shared some amazing times with old friends around mealtimes. There was this wonderful Friday evening in Stellenbosch. It was raining, like most of the weekend. We went to Java Café, and sat outside on the sidewalk, underneath some awnings.  Some heaters provided the necessary warmth.

We enjoyed some red wine together… and then the pills arrived…  that just do not sound right, does it?  No, we need time together to enjoy the conversation while the meal is prepared. What do the Irish call this- the “Craic” . No, you simply can not do the craic around any color of pill…

But, when the wine is served, and the meal is ordered, THEN the best times of our lives comes alive. Then new memories are made, old friendships are deepened.

Nourishment is much more than taking in the correct amount of minerals and vitamins.

Let me show you…


Ok, not my best photo ever. But a street in Stellenbosch known for it’s fine dining establishments… Like Java Café in Church Street. Image

Old friends sharing new memories…Image

So, rather than a Blue Pill, how about a succulent Lamb Burger? With some deep fried onion rings,chips (French fries for the USA friends) and the lamb with feta cheese on a freshly baked Portuguese roll? Image

Or, in the place of the Red pill, why not take in your proteins in the form of Lamb Kebabs, with a nice salad?  And some potato wedges on the side? Image

I can, for the life of me, not think about one enjoyable pill I have ever taken. But there was thousands of happy times around meals. Shared with family, and shared with friends.  I love eating the food someone has prepared with love for me. And I love cooking for the family and friends I love, pouring my love and happiness into the meal I will serve them.

Well, something in our kitchen smells very good at the moment.  Afterwards Australian Masterchef is on the telly- our favorite TV program. So enjoy your blue pill tonight!

Let’s visit Muratie (Stellenbosch)

Muratie is one of the oldest vineyards operating in South Africa. Their wine tasting room dates from 1700 something and they then last cleaned the dust as well… in the rain it was a lovely visit going there. Muratie is famous for its Port (although Portugal do not like us calling it that here…)  Image













ImageSo there you have seen one of South Africa’s oldest and nicest vineyards…

More to follow…

Lets visit… Eaglevlei near Stellenbosch

My wife and I have this wonderful opportunity to come to Cape Town. A congregation has invited me to lead their Sunday morning service.

To afford the air tickets, we had to come a little bit earlier, as the tickets get really expensive over the weekend self.

Yesterday morning we had a little bit of time to explore. It was a rainy day in the Cape. But we really enjoyed it a lot…

Our first stop was at Eaglesvlei. And here is some of what we experienced…




Here we had some breakfast. The restaurant is really stylish, with a comfortable fire burning in the fireplace on a cold day like yesterday was really special…IMG_0025

My wife decided on the health breakfast- stewed fruit with muesli and yogurt with honey…


And I went totally out of my comfort zone. There was a starter: Snoek is a very delicious Cape fish. They prepared Snoek and Feta Samoosas, with caramelised cabbage, served with a mango and lime salsa…


Eaglevlei is a working wine cellar, but they do things with such class…





We have done a lot more than this yesterday, but today is really misty- not one photo yet today, we are staying indoors at a friend… So later on I will share some more. But Eaglevlei- definitely worth a visit!

Dulled- no thanks… (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Dulled

by michelle w. on May 20, 2013

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?


Dear Mister Magic Man- please go away!  For I am the Rider, I need all my senses just as they are!



  • If I were to loose my eyes, I would not be able to ride my Bike. Motorcycling would just not be possible, for a navigator is not fast enough to tell me how the apex of the curve must be taken…
  •   I would not be able to see my beautiful blue BMW just waiting to go for a ride…
  •  I would not be able to see the wonder of nature, which I so enjoy to explore on two wheels.
  •  I would not see the love in her eyes, the smiles of my children.
  •  I would not see a red rose bud unfolding.
  •  So I need to see…


  •  I need to hear the friendly growl of my Boxer engine
  •  I need to hear the wind rushing past my helmet. .
  •  I need to hear that idiot in the car’s hooter, warning me he is behaving as he is…
  •  I need to hear the song of the stream, as it plays hopscotch over the rocks in its bed.
  • I  need to hear Dire Straits, and Michael W Smith, I need to hear the worship of my congregation
  •  I live for the sound of a cello, and the victory of the trumpet, and what would life be without Joshua Bell?


  • Life would not be the same without the smell of a fresh bread leaving the oven.
  •  The smell of freshly ground filter coffee…
  •  The smell of a field of hay just mown, when I pass by at sunrise and the dew starts to go to heaven
  •  The smell of my wife on her pillow…
  •  The smell of the sea as the wave breaks over the boulders on the beach…
  •  I could not live without that…


  •  Please don’t dull my taste buds… For I love the taste of water from a fresh mountain stream…
  •  I love the taste of sushi,  the salmon nigiri exploding with flavour in my mouth
  •  I love the taste of a good Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon in the company of friends.
  •  A medium rare steak, with a pepper sauce-  what would life be without that?


  •  How could I live if I could not feel the embrace of my family?
  •  How would I live without the feeling of a woman’s wondrous body? The satin smooth of her skin…
  •  How would I survive without the good vibrations of my BMW under me, telling me that we are ALIVE and the road is a joy!

No, Mister Magic Man, go harass someone else… I am happy just as I am… I do not need more, and I do not want less…  I am thankful for what I have received- it is enough…