Containers- Weekly Photo Challenge

I know, I know- I am stretching this theme A LOT! But here is my entry: an aerial container full of Russians!

At our town’s Fly Inn over the weekend, the star attraction was the visit from this old biplane- an Antonov 2. Some say ( In a Jeremy Clarkson voice) that this might be the biggest single engine aircraft in the world…

It looks extremely heavy, but I saw with my own little eyes it takes off, fully loaded in under 100 meters!

So ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment: my container full of Russians, the Antonov 2:

_MG_1286 _MG_1290 _MG_1292 _MG_1331 _MG_1412


For more interesting reading on the history of the Antonov AN 2- read here:

Just an update for my regular readers- the Apple Juice did not work. I had the mother of all gall stone attacks at my mother in law’s place, and no, it was not her poisoning me. I have a lovely mother in law! Really like her. So… tomorrow my wife is taking me to the big bad city, and on Wednesday I am having surgery taking out my gallbladder. I thought I would be hopping, skipping and jumping out of there, but my GP told me just now to be prepared for 2-3 days in hospital and 2 weeks sick leave afterwards.  So… the Rider might be the Shadow for the next two weeks. This is my first operation ever, really scared- you know the saying: “Any surgery on ME IS major surgery…”  So- it might be a while before I ride again!

Sorry Seegogga, ek het regtig my bes probeer met die appelsappies…