Preparing for the next Word Rider tour….

ON Saturday morning my wife and I, with a lot of friends on 44 bikes, are leaving on this year’s Word Rider tour. This year we are visiting the Eastern Free State and Eastern Cape provinces.

I am really looking forward to this year’s tour! The autumn colors in the mountain ranges around there are breathtakingly beautiful in March. 

We are starting in Bethlehem on Saturday. I will keep you posted as we ride along…

So this week, in between normal duty, I snatch a few moments to start cleaning my bike, and packing our luggage.  This part of the journey is already exciting!


47 but still great!


No, not my age anymore…

ON Sunday I will ride my 20th Argus. (Cape Town Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle Tour…)

BUT Table Mountain has been burning since last weekend. The fires has been conquered to a great extent. A great health threat still remains with possible flare-ups and soot.

SO the race organisers took the difficult decision to shorten the route to 47 km. It is usually a 109 km race around Table Mountain, now just 23.5 km out on one side and then an about turn back.
I am disappointed, as I have really tried to train hard for this race. But then: a lot of people lost so much in the fires. And the firefighters put up such a brave fight against nature’s power. 

So- I really understand the decision and will try to do my first sub 3 hours Argus ever! 
I am so grateful that the race was not cancelled altogether.  I salute the race organizers and marshalls for still hosting the greatest one day cycle race.

Meanwhile- we are really enjoying the good times with our friends in the Cape. Having a great time with my son!

We just celebrated sunset over Robben Island at the Blue Peter Hotel, a very significant place in my life as that is where we celebrated our honeymoon, on the 31st of March, 25 years ago…

Today was a beautiful day in Cape Town, and in my life!


But the young man is starting to scribble his girl’s name in the sand…


Road Trip with my son…

One of the reasons for my silence the past two months was that I was training very hard. This coming Sunday it is the Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle Tour. I am aiming for my 20 th medal this year.

Yesterday morning my eldest son and I left home at 04:00. We are having a road trip to Cape Town.


Yesterday was a very long day- 1156 km from home to Beaufort West, where we arrived at 17:00.

This morning was fun- we drove through the scenic Meiringspoort…


A bit later through Oudtshoorn, the one time ostritch mecca of the world. We drove on Route 62 to Barrydale, and over Tredouxpass to Swellendam.

Tonight we are staying at the Cape Agulhas Backpackers Lodge ar Struisbaai. What a fun place to stay if you want to visit the Southern most tip of Africa.  Which we did this afternoon.


We had a lot of fun so far, driving more than 1600 km in 2 days (1000 miles). Today was extremely hot, we measured about 41 degrees C in the car. We passed an Asian gentleman on a bicycle, geared for transcontinental travel. He looked in distress, and we stopped and asked if he was OK. He ran out of water, and we were glad to give him a litre of cold bottled water. He said his thermometer showed 48 degrees on the tarmac!

There is a serious heatwave
In the Cape Province, with some serious bush fires around our race route for Sunday. I am just praying and hoping for cooler weather, and that the fires will be doused before the weekend’s race.

But I am having a good time with my eldesr son!


HE is also enjoying his first ever Backpacker lodge experience. Now signing off, I am tired tonight!


Life is GOOD on a long Ride!


I am on my 3rd day of a 1650 km Ride to Cape Town. Actually I have added another 200 km by going through Meiringspoort (photo) via De Rust to the Route 62, one of South Africa’s most loved biking routes. Yesterday was also a dream, turning a nightmare in Richmond, where I was fined R2500 for some oil on my number plate.The oil: I nearly lost my oil filter due to the guy changing the oil that just screwed it on by hand. But BMW in Bloemfontein quickly helped me for free! Thanks guys, that is service!

And then, when I entered Beaufort West after an extremely long, hot, windy, slow day, I heard a hissing sound fron my rear tyre. The valve just broke. There is no bike shop in BW! But two of their Supa Quick guys stayed after closing time to help me fix it. Thanks Wilhelm and friend, you two helped save my day! But it was also extreme grace that it happened in a big town and not 90 km from the nearest town, this Karoo can be a very desolate place!

All good now, having a dream ride this morning! Blogged from Jack Sprat’s at De Rust, a lovely coffee shop.

Shades of Blue- (with a song…) Sunday Stills

The Next Challenge: Shades of Blue

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This week we are doing a colour challenge and blue is the color, or any shade of blue….


Come fly with me

Open your eyes, you can FLY- Vanessa Williams

We're all going on a summer holiday...

We’re all going on a summer holiday… Cliff Richard



California Gurls? Katy Perry- No- Pennington Beach gurls…


I'm singing in the rain...

I’m singing in the rain… Gene Kelly


I will do anything for love, but I won't do that

I will do anything for love, but I won’t do that- Meatloaf