Change- Today’s Project- VW Beetle seats for my Barbeque

After 3 long days of working with tons of meat, today was finally my day off.  I should be working on 2 sermons for Sunday. But there was an idea that was building up in my dark and stormy subconscious.  And the matter is like this:

Years ago I got an extra set of seats from a friend for my VW Beetle. But they didn’t fit- the seats was from a model a year or two later than my 1968 1500 model. And the rails on these seats were more than 15 millimeters narrower than my Beetle’s. So these seats were just laying around under the awning in my backyard.

This morning, when I woke up, I just had this inexplicable urge to create something. There is lots of old scrap iron in my back yard as well, maybe I am a hoarder. So this afternoon, seeing that it is my day off, I decided to put an old plan into action.

This is the state of the old VW Beetle (Bug) seats: Image

They were just looking for the junkyard. So I started cutting some scrap metal up with my angle grinder, and this time I used the necessary eye protection!  And then I started welding. A Professional welder would weep at the quality of my welding!

ImageI also had some seat covers I bought a while ago for my Pickup. They didn’t fit so good. So I welded 2 base sets for the Beetle seats, one with little castor wheels and the other without, that I can sit on the grass next to my barbeque fire- a true South African dream- and here is the end result of this afternoon’s efforts:

Seat # 1 has little wheels to move around between the fireplace and the table…

Seat #2 does not have wheels, to sit comfortably next to my bbq fire on the lawn…

These seats were test driven tonight, better than Top Gear style! And they passed the test! What a barbeque! And the Boerewors we made yesterday tastes great! (Sausages! )

So today was creative, and now I am more than extremely tired after 3 hard days of working with meat, and today’s working with iron.  I think it is now time for bed! Enjoy your weekend!.

I indeed changed something worthless into something extremely valuable for me,.,, Change!

Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

by michelle w. on August 16, 2013

You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.

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