Living in a Teletubby house in Spain…

Daily Prompt: On the Road

by michelle w. on September 30, 2013

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVELS.


There is such a huge world out there. So much I would still love to see. So there are so many answers to today’s question.  I would love living for a while in a primitive hut in Brazil’s rain forest. Or in a palm leaf hut on an exotic island. Or one of those conical huts of deer hide in Mongolia.  Or the underground city at Kappadocia in Turkey- how does it feel to live there?

But the one that I thought of first was of these houses that I saw outside Léon, Spain when I walked the Camino de Santiago. How does it feel to live underground in these Teletubby houses?  Is it better in winter when the snow lays thick?  Don’t people feel cramped and in each other’s faces in a very short time?  So I would love to live with a family in a house like this… but not for long…


A Statue tells a story… but what?

Yesterday I put on a photo of a statue- a man and a boy in front of the Cathedral in Léon. But where does it stand, and what does it mean, I asked.

I have this overwhelming curiosity in life. When I think up a question, I just have to have the answer!  And I still can not find anything on this statue on the Internet in English- maybe Spanish readers or citizens of Léon would be able to help.  What is the purpose or meaning of this statue? Image

This morning I travelled to Léon by Google Maps. Here is what I found- I did remember the place of the statue correctly:


The adress is 7 Plaza Regia, just next to the Cathedral. It is in front of the Seminar San Frollan. I sincerely hope it is not about the Church dragging boys into the priesthood!  If it is about education, why are they looking away from each other?  Is it depicting the generation gap?

I am now really intrigued by these questions and hope somebody from Spain/ Léon or a Pilgrim will go find the answer for us?

Meanwhile- have you ever came across a statue that intrigues you?

A while back I posted on Belgium, and this one statue still makes me smile.Image

It is so appropriate for a university town- the student does hold a book, but is rather feeding his brain with some drink… 🙂  That is what dads pay so expensively for! In Pretoria and Stellenbosch there are two student bars, known as “Evening Class” and in all the bathrooms the students post their tests that they failed…  It is not a good idea for any parent to visit these places, although the food is excellent and the drinks not too expensive…

All my travelling friends- you must have seen some statues that tells a story. And some statues that foreigners just can’t understand.  Share a little about that?

Still can’t find the statue- Look closely- there it is: Spain Googlemaps

Google Map link: