Ode to the Fountain Pen…

Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Engima

by michelle w. on July 3, 2013

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MYSTERIOUS.


First my confession: I love fountain pens, since a very young age… it makes much more sense to me than any ballpoint pen. And they don’t get pinched by my kiddies…

I have not been trapped in a time warp, and did not get stuck in an ancient age full of primitive technology. I love the electronic age. I love the speed of email, the immediate sharing of knowledge available on the web.

But somewhere along the way we have lost something… the old art of good penmanship. Using a pen and paper. And not the ballpoint pen… no, the old fashioned, old school Fountain Pen


Just 6 of my collection, mostly Parker pens that I could lay my hands on quickly for this blog…

Some things in life are just not worth messing up with a computer and printer. There is still something amazing in the use of good quality old style writing equipment- anyone can print anything beautifully from a computer- and it just goes into the recycle bin after scanning the message quickly… But there is something beautiful in handwriting:

You just do not send your loved one a love letter on a sms (text) or email. That is why the Good Lord invented good quality paper and fountain pens…  Some things need to have a piece of your soul in it. Your hands need to become a little bit dirty in the process.



I love my blog, it gives me the opportunity to share my life with so many friends across the world. But there is another dimension of sharing your life. It is so good to have a good quality journal, with the high points of your life, written in your own hand, that tells the story of your life journey to you on lonely nights. It is such an awesome legacy to leave to your loved ones when you are going through the river Jordan/Stix/ Ganges at the end of your life. Provided, of course, that you lived your life not for yourself, but you gave your love, your energy, your time, your sweat and tears to those around you. Live a life worth living, and write down the journey, then it will be a treasure to leave behind!


This image comes from the beautiful blog: fiskemiles.blogspot.com

Writing a journal with a fountain pen gives you the time to live consciously. To treasure every day, and to grab every opportunity to make a worthy entry into your journal, stating: Today, I was ALIVE!


Links: My Fathers Pen– Good instructions on how to use a fountain pen.  Here you can also find some useful troubleshooting tips when your pen is not functioning properly…..

http://scheong.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/a-beginners-guide-to-the-fountain-pen/  For a good description of your fountain pen, and how to take care of it.