Still breathing… barely


Hi dear friends… So I have been quiet for a while… a few months to be precise…

I always wanted my blog to be a place with a positive vibe, good news and so. So I developed a huge writer’s block.

It was a hard year for me with my eldest son working in the USA. But he has safely returned last week. The US of A has been good to him, and he really enjoyed it a lot. He thinks the people of Gregory, South Dakota are some of the friendliest people around. He was based in Hendricks, Minnesota. The Combined Harvestingvteam travelled through to Texas, Colorado, Montana, both Dakotas and over to Saskatchwan in Canada. He has seen a lot that his father would also love to see one day.  He returned to South Africa, and promptly left for Mozambique again last Friday- week ago, with his girlfriend and her family. His sister also worked until now, and her firm closed for the Christmas holidays.

The rest of the family is at Scottburg just south of Durban. We are having a good time in the Indian Ocean, swimming and suntanning. I also am planning to make a bucket list item a reality, to go shark cage diving if weather permits on Saturday. My eldest 2 children will probably join us in 2 days’ time to celebrate Christmas together.

Why I was so silent on my blog: the situation in South Africa is really getting me down. We have a very expensive clown for a president, and he and his cronies are really ruining our beautiful country. Even the New York Times says so…

In South Africa, if you are white and think the ANC is ruining the country, you must be a racist and longing for the old apartheid days. And that is really getting me down. No, I do not long for old days of racial discrimination. But I am fed up with the corruption and the way our President treats the country as his personal piggy bank. I do not long back to good old days, I look forward to a day in the future where everybody will really be treated as equals, and that I will never have to fill my race in on a form again. South Africa is in real deep… trouble. And while I still have the freedom to say that, I will.

So we are going to enjoy this seaside holiday, I think 2016 is going to be a very difficult year in our country…  we need a good rest before the next struggle starts.

So for all readers who celebrate Christmas, may it be a good time of peace. And for all the rest, may you also experience peace in these troubled times!

Just call me Mister President… Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Community Service

by michelle w. on October 17, 2013

Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us COMMUNITY.


Fear not, dear citizens (in a Pauly Shore voice),

As your newly elected President of South Africa  I am so pleased to address you all on this, my new Presidential blog.

  • Thank you for the 6 people who did vote for me, and for my good friends who counted the votes at the ballot box. It was a Mugabe style take-over, but thank you for your vote anyway! Your vote is important to us. One man one vote- Rider is the MAn… his vote counts)
  • As your newly elected African style dictator, I would like to bring the following to your attention:
  1.  If this was the perfect world, there would only be this one rule: Treat your neighbour as you would want your dear own self to be treated. But as this is South Africa, you still want to be treated like sheep by a wolf  (why else did you all vote ANC???)
  2.  My Presidential  VIP vehicle will only be a white Shitty Golf (the Golf 1 that VWSA kept on producing till about last week… #1 on the car thieves wishlist for some reason I don’t get)

3. Neither me, nor any one of my cabinet, need to go to Sweden to see how a country should be run. All travels further than Pretoria will be out of own pocket…

4. There will be no performance bonuses until every citizen has access to clean drinking water, and electricity.

5. All social grants for producing babies will be terminated immediately. All the billions saved in the process will be spent on job creation.

6. Your mere physical attendance at your place of work does not warrant a full salary. People who work hard will earn much, much more than people sitting around in the sun all day.

7. Criminals will be prosecuted by the full might of the law, It will start with zero tolerance to petty crime. And violent people will be taken out of society for ever. No bail for rapists, murderers and any violent behavior whatsoever. This dictator decrees: if you rape or kill, you lose your human rights. You will be shot at dawn.

8. No one in this government shall have access to any blue light brigade status. You obey the laws of the road like any other citizen, as you were elected to serve them.

9. No tax money shall be spent feeding fat cat politicians. All functions will be out of pocket for officials.

10. There will not a cent be spent on Defense till all the children of our country have good schools that can take them to university access anywhere in the world.

11. All politicians shall use the state health care, to ensure all patients gets treated with respect and dignity.

12. All politicians shall have only one spouse, as the Marriage Law of this country states…

13. All ex presidents, including the last one, mr Z, shall only be entitled to a 3 bedroom townhouse in the east of Pretoria on taxpayers money. Nkandla will be repossessed as an amusement park- Disneyworld Africa may apply for a 99 year lease…

14. Any official caught taking a bribe will be shot at dawn.

15. All racial discrimination, against ALL races, will be abolished immediately. No form may ask what your race is, as all of us are part of the Human Race.   You buy your own farm, Julius. You get a loan from a bank to start a business like anybody else. You get access to state funded education loans like everybody else. You get to play on a level playing field when applying for a job- the best man or woman gets the job.

16. Our new Sport policy- the best candidates gets picked for the national teams. No exceptions. My new minister of Sport has a job description to see that all the new excellent schools have funds for excellent sporting facilities. Every child of South Africa will have the opportunity to show what is inside them, without anyone ever asking about their race again. Ever.  We are South African.

17. Incompetent ministers do not get promoted or get to be ambassadors. They get fired. Or shot at dawn.

19. No grace will be given to criminals who shoot or harm a police officer. They will be shot at dawn.

20. No corrupt police official will be tolerated- they will be judged double so harshly as ordinary citizens.  If you are corrupt, you will be shot at dawn twice.

Thank you for reading this excellent piece of African political drivel.

Now keep calm and carry on…