Opposite day: Art that shocked the world’s critics…

Daily Prompt: Opposite Day

by michelle w. on July 14, 2013

If you normally write non-fiction, post a photo. If you normally post images, write fiction. If you normally write fiction, write a poem. If you normally write poetry, draw a picture.

(New) photographers, artists, poets: show us OPPOSITE.


There once was a blogger called Rider,

His readers came from ever wider and wider

Then came this Daily Prompt.

It initially had him stumped,

So he drew an amazing  picture with the help of a cider…


Just for the record- I took the posts that received the most hits on google bringing people to my blog, and combined it.

People are looking for:

So with all my artistic ability I brought for your pleasure: Miss Iceland presenting Australian Masterchef from Lesotho…

Now you can clearly see where my daughter got her talent for art and graphic design from…

Let’s visit… Iceland

Why Iceland? I really don’t know! Maybe it is the fact that my mother in law came to visit for a few days today. Thinking of cold and hard, with sudden bursts of red hot lava scalding everything in it’s path…  Actually- I am the one lucky guy in this world regarding mother in laws- mine is none like that!

I saw a bit of Iceland in a James Bond movie–  how could I ever forget that Aston Martin drifting across the ice, and disappearing in front of the Ice Hotel in Die Another Day.

I have read about Iceland in the National Geographic, and the place really fascinates me! A land with so much ice and snow, and also volcanoes and lava. When I went to Spain 2 years ago- we had to pray that the Iceland volcanoes would behave itself, for the month before they really played havoc with air traffic in Europe…

It would be a LONG Camino starting the walk in South Africa, walking up to Santiago de Compostela-   I dont think we would get pilgrim meals and cheap albergues along the way, and nobody would greet us with a Buen Camino, more likely: “Give me your wallet and phone!”

But this post is not about the crime in Africa, but the beauty in Iceland….

I would love to see the Aurora Borealis there- we don’t get to see any of those amazing light shows in Southern Africa…  Jibber Jabber posted this beautiful picture, from Extreme Iceland’s website today…Image



I think the CapitalReykjavic, is one of the smallest Capital cities in the world. But it looks beautiful to me: investarchitect.blogspot.com put up this awesome photo:

Clearly some architectural interest in the city!


It just looks so cold to me, living in a town where there were never any snowfall in human memory! My wife has never experienced any snow in her life, only seen it on television!  But in spite of the snow, these hardy Vikings still goes swimming in winter! Outside…!

What would I like to do in Iceland? Taste their food!

Well, maybe not these… I would need a lot of beer or wine to even go sit at a table with that dish on the table. Have anyone reading this tasted it? Would you recommend it?

I read that the drink of Iceland is Brenniven- a kind of Schnapps: And where to find it? Read this review in the Globe and Mail.

So- you would visit Iceland for spectacular scenary, warm hearted people in a very cold place… .

And beautiful ladies!

If you really want to read all about Iceland, try Wikipedia! 

Do you want to see something awesome of Iceland, see this painting by

Andrew Reid Wildman

So- dear readers who live in Iceland, or have travelled there-

  • what makes Iceland worth visiting?
  • What is the favorite food to eat there?
  • What do you like to drink? Where do you hang out?
  • What nature scenes should a traveller not miss while there?