Coffee in Franschhoek, South Africa


Yes, it might be a bit touristy in Franschhoek. But there is a reason for that. Spectacular landscapes, in the heart of the South African winelands. Here you will also find some of our best restaurants in South Africa. Reuben Riffel is one of our South African Masterchef judges. His cuisine is excellent. But the coffee of Deluxe Coffeeworks… yes it is as advertised!

Bad Weather- Sunday Stills

We live in a region of South Africa that is really blessed with good weather. We don’t have any bad weather around here!

There is no snow EVER around here, and my wife has never seen snow in person! We don’t have tornados (only a little one some years ago…)  We don’t have huge floods. (Only a little one some years ago.) We had our first earthquake ever in December, a very small tremor.  A thunder storm don’t last long, and the worst thing that does happen around here is some hail every now and then.

So- this is the best I could do about bad weather- some stormy weather we experienced in the Cape province near Franschhoek last June…


At a coffee shop in Franschhoek, the sun shining briefly through extremely dark clouds…


The most beautiful farm workers house in the world for me- outside Franschhoek

The only bad weather photo of our own Bushveld region I have is this little flood on Good Friday in 2010:

IMG_0273So: We are extremely blessed- nearly no bad weather at all- more than 300 days sunshine a year, only about 6 nights a year under freezing point- it is a joy living in Limpopo Province in South Africa!



Wood- Ailsa’s Travel Theme

The previous two days I was tied up in a church teambuilding exercise, could not post, so sorry if I bombard you today with posts!

Here are some photos from the Franschhoek/ Stellenbosch wine region of South Africa, where there is a wonderful relationship between wood and grape!


Barrels at the entance to Elandsvlei cellars


Crate for packing some excellent port-like wine!


Wood Carving on a barrel at Muratie Cellars


Wine racks and barrels for sale at a road stall…


The inside of the beautiful Franschhoek Dutch Reformed Church



Let’s visit: Franschhoek South Africa

When you are on a roll travelwise, there is so much to share. It helps with that other times in your life when it is only work work work…

Franschhoek is one of the most beautiful towns in South Africa. Well, it is not just my opinion, but by all those tourists in the huge luxury coaches as well. Yesterday the whole of Brazil were there in the streets, the coffee shops and the galleries…. and so were we…




I would not mind living in some farmworker houses in the Franschhoek district…

The Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) of Franschhoek…





Soufflé Pancake with lamb at The Famous Franschhoek Pancake House….  The hot chocolate blew my mind… you get a cup of hot milk, and in it you stir as much melted Belgian chocolate as you could wish for- it is heavenly!







At Boschendal vineyards outside Franschhoek….