Those Magnificent Flying Machines

Today was the annual Nylstroom Taildraggers Fly Inn, and I had just a short time available to visit. As always I felt a bit jealous, as it must be one of life’s greatest joys to be able to fly.

But I did have a few minutes to take a few photos. Here is some of this year’s happy moments…

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Photoshop (Sunday Stills Challenge)


This photo was taken long, long ago… yesterday morning to be precise… Edited with PhotoScape

The next Challenge: Photoshop

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I’m using photoshop as a generic term for altering your pics. You can use any pics, just run them through a program and make them look a bit different, even changing the contrast or sharpness can make a pic look different or odd.

Everything that flies on the Air Show

Yesterday I had a lot of photos of all the beautiful things that fly on our town’s yearly Fly Inn.  And there will probably pop up another few posts of lovely aircraft in the next few days.

Today was an extremely busy Sunday. We went to church, as pastors tend to do. Then, after church, Mr and Mrs Rider went for a… Ride! The people following me since April have read about the Bible Society’s Word Riders project. Well, today four of the Word Riders teamed up, with our wives, for a ride to 2 towns away, and had a lovely lunch together. On our way back we went and visited Lodie de Jager, a legend in our biking world, who has travelled right through Africa, on to Siberia and back through the Scandinavian countries. He is having a huge fight against cancer at the moment…  It is always so good to see him, he just have one major defect in his life- he doesn’t like BMW’s! He went  on all his legendary rides on a Kawasaki KLR 650. But what a man, and what a friend!   You can look out for his latest book, it will be translated into English soon, and it is a true love story on an overland travel through Africa… The book’s name will be “Kate”- Lodie de Jager.

We did 200 km for the day, which is a lot for Mrs Rider who does not ride with me very often.

And I went to our evening service as well. And now I want to go and watch the final stage of the Tour de France.

So: I want to bless you with one of my airshow photos, as I went to take photos of everything that flies out there. And here it is…

ImageOk- it was sitting on the tail of an aeroplane…  Off to see our South African raised Mr Froome win the Tour…

Fly Inn Modimolle (Nylstroom)

As if last week’s Game Auction was not enough fun for the whole little community of Nylstroom, we are having another huge event this weekend. On the hill overlooking our town is our little landing strip- to call in an airport would be much to big. There is a tarmac landing strip, without any tower. There are a few hangers containing a very few private aircraft,and a microlight or two. But today is the yearly Fly Inn, and the Airstrip is bussling with a lot of aircraft.

One of the star attractions today is the old Harvard. It was used as a training aircraft since World War 2, and for many years the South African Air Force would still be training their cadet pilots in these things, they were eventually replaced by Pilatus aircraftImage

These Harvards are still lovingly maintained by dedicated enthusiasts. They fly on days like these, and for R1800 (US $ 180) you could go for about 15 minutes of historical flight.

Next to the Airstrip there is a huge informal settlement, as in squatter camp.  Someone paid the price for three boys of the informal settlement to have a flight in the Harvard. If this photo doesn’t win me a Pulitzer…  Look on the joy on this child’s face- priceless! Image

And then it was up, up and away…


It was a huge day for my eldest son, it was also his first flight ever! He and a friend from nursery school flew together in a Beechcraft.



I now have a few more days of beautiful photos to share, just a last one for today… Image

Did I ever tell you I would  LOVE to be a pilot, and that Aircraft and Flight  has fascinated me since my small boy years?