The last Festival of Leaves- Week 10

Apparently there are no more leaves on the trees in the Northern Hemisphere… but here in the South we are now into summer today…

Just to keep your spirits up there up above on the globe- another few new leaf photos from South Africa…


New pumpkin leaves in my vegetable garden…

Thanks verenacave, I enjoyed playing along! Here is two of our wild trees’ new leaves in October in conclusion!


_MG_1180 _MG_1229

Festival of Leaves- Week 8

As most of you are enjoying a nice autumn, we are having spring. I still have a lot of leaf photos to share of my walk in the countryside a few weeks ago. Here is another 3 of newborn leaves in nature…

Refreshing dewdrops on new leaves

Refreshing dewdrops on new leaves

_MG_1046 _MG_1089

Festival of Leaves- Week 5

After yesterday’s walk in nature I do have a lot of new photos to share over the coming weeks!  Last week I shared a water lily’s leaves. This week- I don’t know what this plant is called, my South African friends who knows their flora might help… it was just so small and cute fine little  leaves, that I thought to share them this week.

_MG_1216Canon 400D, f 5.6, 1/250 s, ISO 200, focal length 220 mm (55-250 IS Canon lens)

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The Power of one- Festival of Leaves week 3


Yes, I have published this photo before, but not here. The setting- we were visiting friends in Cape Town in June this year. It was severe weather, quite stormy and rainy. And then, when we stopped in front of their gate, the sun came through the clouds for just a moment. And of the millions of leaves that were laying around in the road, this one caught my eye, with it’s brilliant colours in the sun. Just one leaf amongst millions, just one moment in time… I wish I picked it up and preserved it in the pages of my Bible. But this leaf is now just a memory…  a good one!

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