Oh the things we shall see…

This afternoon nearly went really bad. My son and I was nearly involved in a huge accident with the VW Beetle, with a lorry on the open road trying his best to run us off the road.  Our country has road rage as a national sport after soccer, and then rugby and cricket. But I did not want to compete in the honorable sport of beating up other road users, and I did not have a bat with me. So we just had to let it go.

We were on our way to a man living between our town and the next one. a man skilled in the art of car restoration. We wanted some advice on the Beetle’s driver door being stuck. And my son also wanted to ask him to borrow a nice old classic car for the matric farewell evening (the USA Prom Night idea…)

You will have to wait till the end of September to see what he will be driving his date in… but it is GOOD wheels!

In any case- we did make it safely to the farm, scared ****less but still in one piece.

This man also has a collection of Harleys. And when he showed us around, we saw this old one, still in working condition, standing behind his more regularly used Harleys. I again only had my Samsung Galaxy with me, and the battery was low, so I could not use the flash. But I hope the photos still convey some awe of a machine, dating from 1943 (that is 71 years old!) still able to go go for a ride…

I have real respect for this bike! And the emblem on the tank: oh boy, war sure inspire a lot of dangerous thoughts…

2014-09-04 16.39.05

2014-09-04 16.37.26 2014-09-04 16.37.35 2014-09-04 16.38.29 2014-09-04 16.38.37

I think one day I will go back with my decent Canon, and ask to take a few up to standard photos of this bike. But I really wanted to share this special moments…

The Harley Fans can say what model it is, made in 1943…

cees-fun-foto Also tagged under Cee’s Challenge, because I was looking for wheels, and with the near accident have forgotten all about it. Click on the logo to see some other dear friends’ amazing contributions on the subject Wheels…


Shiny- Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Cee challenged us to post something shiny. Being a Biker at heart, what would I find to post? Yes- a shiny Bike! I saw this one outside the Thruxton Bike Shop in Bellville, Cape Town South Africa. I suspect it might be an ancient Triumph, but I am not sure… Anyone with more info is really welcome to share it here in the comments!

20140322_090600 20140322_090611

20140322_085856 20140322_085914



Smooth Objects- Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee is asking us to post a smooth object this week… http://ceenphotography.com/2014/04/01/cees-fun-foto-challenge-smooth-objects/

While I am probably in the brown and stinky with my previous post already, let me share this smooth object with you all.

It is a beautiful piece of art, found at the yacht harbour in Knysna, South Africa.  It vaguely resembles…




It is really smooth… and it is… a tree stump!


Really a beautiful, smooth piece of art, cut out of a tree stump by a masterful artist! Really respect! Smooth!

The story:


The top photo is the most beautiful piece of wood I have ever seen, vaguely resembling something else that is extremely beautiful!


The Colour Orange- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge


At first I thought I don’t have any photos in Orange. But then I started looking. And here is some of my ideas…

2014-02-16 11.22.45

I have no idea what this is called, it grows as a weed behind my local supermarket…


I love the orange of a sunset behind Robben Island at Cape Town…


The Orange of a Koi at my favourite coffee shop


The orange nose of a Kudu military aircraft of the South African air Force, probably a Cessna 172…


The Orange of a Red Hot Fire Poker (Kniphofia Something…)

And then we also have the Orange Free State in South Africa, but that is too big to get on a photo… 🙂

And no, we do not have the Orange Mobile Network in South Africa…


New Photo- 100 yards or less- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge


Cee asked us to walk 100 yards or less, and take a new photo. Maybe my photo will gross you out. But it is very interesting to me!

I have also started the practice of saving the earth by recycling our kitchen scraps through a worm bin, and using the vermicompost and vermitea in my small vegetable garden. And the results are great- I am getting to be more and more organic in my farming methods.

10 Yards from my computer is my worm bin. And here is the star attraction: A red wriggler worm (Eisenia fetida– one of thousands, but this one will do…

I bought them from Brigit Jackson over at aristonorganic


His name is Willempie, ain’t he cute?  And he is helping to save the earth… 

Found in Nature- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge


I want to share my photo of an Impala ram with you. A lot of American readers might ask where a Chev Impala occurs in nature, but then… it was named after this small antelope in Southern Africa…  There are quite a lot of them in our region, which is renowned for it’s game farms.


A Friendly American Face… Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


The Challenge Cee sets this week is: Man Made Items…

Cee so liked yesterday’s old steam tractor that I decided to post another…  a bit newer, definitely a man made object in tune with the challenge…

This Smiling Minneapolis- Moline Tractor- well preserved old beauty!