Orange- The Southernmost flower in Africa- WPC

I know, I know! It is so last week’s Photo Challenge… but I was far away from civilization, ok?! Ok…

The theme last week was Orange… and I was standing in front of the Southernmost flower in the whole continent of Africa… at Cape Agulhas, South Africa. Where Ewan and Charlie ended their Long Way Down bike ride. Where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.

These flowers grow all over the place in that beautiful part of my country. And still I do not know what they are called. People like Seegogga and Toortsie living nearby might know…

But here goes my take on orange- the flowers and some lichens on the rocks…



Road Trip with my son…

One of the reasons for my silence the past two months was that I was training very hard. This coming Sunday it is the Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle Tour. I am aiming for my 20 th medal this year.

Yesterday morning my eldest son and I left home at 04:00. We are having a road trip to Cape Town.


Yesterday was a very long day- 1156 km from home to Beaufort West, where we arrived at 17:00.

This morning was fun- we drove through the scenic Meiringspoort…


A bit later through Oudtshoorn, the one time ostritch mecca of the world. We drove on Route 62 to Barrydale, and over Tredouxpass to Swellendam.

Tonight we are staying at the Cape Agulhas Backpackers Lodge ar Struisbaai. What a fun place to stay if you want to visit the Southern most tip of Africa.  Which we did this afternoon.


We had a lot of fun so far, driving more than 1600 km in 2 days (1000 miles). Today was extremely hot, we measured about 41 degrees C in the car. We passed an Asian gentleman on a bicycle, geared for transcontinental travel. He looked in distress, and we stopped and asked if he was OK. He ran out of water, and we were glad to give him a litre of cold bottled water. He said his thermometer showed 48 degrees on the tarmac!

There is a serious heatwave
In the Cape Province, with some serious bush fires around our race route for Sunday. I am just praying and hoping for cooler weather, and that the fires will be doused before the weekend’s race.

But I am having a good time with my eldesr son!


HE is also enjoying his first ever Backpacker lodge experience. Now signing off, I am tired tonight!


Two Oceans, not just one Sea…

At Cape Agulhas, the Southern most point of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Oceans meet- not at Cape Point in Cape Town as many would have thought. Even the famous road race- The “Two Oceans”… has a wrong name! Or is at the wrong place!  But what would you expect from a sport of which the Bible says: “Only the unrighteous runs when no-one gives chase… ” (Proverbs 28:1)

So- without further waste of precious words: here is my second contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge…

Picture 090As sometimes seen on my rotating header- this photo, one of my favorite motorbike shots, even Charlie and Ewan came here- this is where Long Way Down ended…

Picture 092The Lighthouse at Cape Agulhus:

Picture 095And so ends my posts for Winter 2013- for tomorrow it is Spring!!!  Time for Bike rides, and Photography, and even Cycling… Proverbs 28:1 says the unrighteous flees, but, the next verse says the Righteous has the courage of a lion… do you know what the emblem on a Peugeot Bicycle is? Hmm? Just an inside joke between the runners and the cyclists here in our town…