Fragrant- Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme

I grew up in the South African province of Kwazulu Natal. Except for the mighty Zulu nation, this was also the home of most of South Africa’s Indian population.  One thing I really learned to love is Indian cuisine…

The South African Indian population developed a dish called “Bunny Chow”. It can be a curry chicken or beef dish. They take half a loaf of bread, and hollow it out to make it the container for the meat. Where does the fragrance come into this story? The smell of that Indian spices brings back a lot of memories. This photo was taken last December when we were on holiday in Scottburg, Natal. The good news is: in two weeks time we are going again!  We made these Bunny Chows ourselves, with the genuine Indian spices. And with a bottle Slanghoek Camerca (from the Cape province!) it is so good!

IMG_0382How to make your own Bunny Chow:  try this recipe:

And for a real beautiful one- visit this beautiful website: